For the bottom half, this gives the plastic a "frosted" look that looks better than just having it clear. My question is this: How large should the holes in the lid be? - Spray paint. 5 stars, 12 years ago If you are doing something else, to get an even cut you need to brace the 2 liter so it can "spin" and not move up and down in relation to the knife. After thinking it over we were off to the races. Several years ago when we remodeled our kitchen I suddenly found the water distasteful; not sure why. Here has a similar way to do it, it's done by resizing a pot with minimal tools (and does not contain any PVC). 12 years ago Looking to do a couple of simple hydro pot plants to grow indoors this winter. I decided to do multiple planters so I set up a production tool. I wonder if you could add a hole above the water line but below the top section so you could just fill it with a watering can rather than having to take the top part off--there probably wouldn't be too much of an evaporation difference, would there? I ALSO USE CAT LITTER JUGS , INSTEAD OF 2 LITER BOTTLES ( the plastic ones) I ALSO USE THEM FOR WATERING CANS. 10 years ago I'm using a red gloss this time, but I've been using yellow and blue and brown and green as well to change it up a bit. The top of the bucket is covered to keep out things that could clog up the tubing. thank you for sharing God Bless you in al that you do! ORYOUGO 6 Pack Mini Hand Portable Watering Sprinkler,Waterers Bottle Spout Nozzle Cap Converter for Plant Flower Gardening,Works with 0.5,1,1.5,2 Liter Soda Bottle (Green&Red&Blue) 3.7 out of 5 stars 46 The nice thing about this system is it gives the plant roots a constant level of moisture, it's not flood and then dry, flood and dry like normal watering. Poke 4 to 5 holes in the cap. Note - the top piece of the 2 liter is the planting container, the bottom piece is the water reservoir . Tap that down and put on a little water to make the potting mix moist. The 2 liter would be the water reservoir and a scrap of a cotton t-shirt could act as the wick. Spraypainting them also add a really cool pop of color. You can then place the plastic bottle in the sock or nylon. It's a nice and quick way to make a planter that will give your plants a fighting chance with a forgetful waterer. on Step 4. This water is what I put in my stainless steel bottles which my husband and I carry everywhere. Also good quality paint gives a luster that you can't get any other way. If this site is active you may email me at, Im planing on makeing a few of these,as well as two other hydroponic growers useing these pop bottles as well,one will be similer to this,a wick based system and the other an ebb and flow.on this i have a coke bottle,2 liter,and i noticed the shape of the bottle isnt exactly streight.where is the best place to cut these type bottles?id prefer the smooth 3 liter or 2 liter but i only have the coke bottle for now, 8 years ago Whether you live in a drought-stricken area or just want to help preserve a precious resource, here are things you can do to use less water, Get on the fast track to preserving a valuable resource and saving money too with these smart, effective strategies, Keep dollars in your pocket and preserve a precious resource with these easy DIY strategies, Learn which water purification method is best for your house, from pitchers to whole-house setups, If the illuminated moat winding through this Ontario patio doesn't dazzle you, the 8-foot-wide fireplace will, Conserve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles. Once that is dry, do 2 thin coats of your topcoat. For the top half, this ruffs up the surface so the paint can grip better. Let me say it is VERY easy to keep them watered down where I live in south Louisiana, which was a big problem before. Don't forget to do the inside rim to remove any burrs as well. I'm transferring in a little thing of cilantro but if you are doing seeds, fill it up to the top. I used a black primer as a base coat and then a red gloss as a top coat.- Potting Mix. Into the hole goes one end of some vinyl tubing. So it's time to break out the spray paint. This year I’m trying something different to water my tomato plants. Not looking to spend alot of money. I then popped over to the local hardware store and picked up some 3/16 OD 1/8 ID vinyl tubing - the smallest they had. Saves a lot of mismatches. About: Named "Emblematic of the Instructables Universe" by the New York Times, I'm a maker and designer who enjoys looking at things sideways and playing with established form in new ways. You fill up the container with tap water which is, then, brought to a boil. Once you have cut the 2 liter in half, you need to sand the new edges of both halves - they can be sharp and jaggy. Take one end of the wick and push it though the neck of top piece, so half is sticking out the bottom and half is inside. There are many ways to cut a 2 liter in half, whatever works for you is best. I’ll fill them with water and … This worked very much like the old pink light bulbs worked at warming up a room. Put in the plant, add extra potting mix to fill the sides, tap it down and water to make it moist. If something acidic comes into contact with marble it partially dissolves it. on Introduction. I painted the ceiling the same color to complete the glow. 11 years ago Screwed up in that the hole I put in the bottle was too big and the water was all gone within a couple hours. Add more or less as much potting mix as you need for putting in your plant. See my second to last diagram (minus the crib, which you could replace with a low bookcase that doubles as a changing table). Pull the wick up so it's surrounded by the potting mix. Rinse the bottle out thoroughly to remove all the soda and sugar residue from inside the bottle. How to Choose a Home Water Filtering System, Water and Fire Mingle in a Canadian Front Yard, Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water, Easy Green: Big and Small Ways to Be More Water-Wise at Home, How to Remove Water Rings From Wood Tables.