The flavors I tested were; Peach, Cherry Limeade and Lemonade… There are 70 calories in 8 fl oz (237 ml) of Hubert's Lemonade. Today I have a review for Hubert’s Lemonade! Product Category: Juice & Juice Drinks, Low & No Calorie, Teas: Brand Positioning: WARNING Consuming this product may cause JOY. Get full nutrition facts for other Hubert's products and all your other favorite brands. Lemonade is never a compound, because it always includes at least two … No. Lemonade is a heterogeneous mixture if it includes solids such as lemon pulp; otherwise it is a homogeneous mixture. Hubert’s is the #1 lemonade sold in natural stores, bringing joy, sunshine & summer to everyday moments with refreshing lemonade … It doesn’t have the lemon oil or pulp of Newman’s Own, or the overwhelming tart of Hubert’s, but Simply Lemonade takes a less-is-more approach and, as a result, you’re left with a lemonade … 70 Peach Lemonade, Hubert’s. 70 Peach Lemonade, Hubert’s. What a wonderful crisp and refreshing drink it is. I came across Hubert’s Lemonade in a local Sprout’s Market on the way back from a trip to Austin. No. Where we bought it: Lucky’s Market. Buy it at Target $3.79. While it did have some pulp, we would have enjoyed more.