Heritage lovers can enjoy visiting St. Anne's Chapel, erected in 1585, it is the town’s best preserved ancient building. Wessex Trains covered Class 150 2-car DMU number 150241 in coloured pictures promoting the line and named The Tarka Belle. The Tarka Line leaves Exeter St Davids to the north, and then turns to the west, running through Newton St Cyres, Crediton and Yeoford, and then remainder of the line runs north-west through Copplestone, Morchard Road, Lapford, Eggesford, Kings Nympton, Umberleigh, Chapelton and Barnstaple. Barnstaple station has one main entrance that leads into the waiting room with baby-changing facilities and a vending machine, and then straight on to the only platform. At the same time, construction continued on the E&CR, and by the end of 1847, the line was complete except for a connection to the B&ER. [7][8][9] There are three pubs in Exeter and five in Barnstaple, with one each at Lapford, Portsmouth Arms, and Umberleigh. Wessex introduced the name Tarka Line after the eponymous character in Henry Williamson's book Tarka the Otter. [citation needed], The majority of passengers on the Tarka Line travel to or from Barnstaple – about three times the number of all the other stations north of Exeter. The town offers a wide array of activities to satisfy all the family members. On summer Sundays before the company ceased trading, the Dartmoor Railway ran alongside the south-eastern Tarka Line between Exeter and Yeoford. [5] In September 2020, Class 166 units also began operating on the line on weekends. [6]. He agreed to convert one of the two tracks on the Crediton line to broad gauge and lease the line to B&ER; in exchange, the B&ER agreed to construct a junction allowing trains to run from Crediton to Exeter St Davids, and Cowley Bridge station was never opened. We want to make travel easier for you, which is why we’ve compiled a selection of useful travel tips to help you on your way. The line is promoted by many means such as regular timetable and scenic line guides, as well as leaflets highlighting leisure opportunities such as walking or visiting country pubs. Subject to availability. Meanwhile, the LSWR had long-term ambitions to challenge the GWR's dominance in the south-west, and they backed the rival Crediton option, installing John Locke as its engineer. Along with the LSWR line to Plymouth, the route was part of the "Withered Arm" of Southern routes in predominantly Great Western Railway (and subsequently Western Region) territory. Authority was obtained to build this line by an Act of 1831, but construction never started and the powers lapsed. The Tarka Line runs between Barnstaple and Exeter St Davids, but trains continue east across Exeter to terminate at St James Park. Buller, remained aligned to the B&ER until Buller was removed that year (amid a procedural controversy that resulted in an unsuccessful appeal to the Five Kings). Want to check the latest departures and arrivals into Barnstaple station? Today I travelled from Exeter to barnstaple with myself, husband and our two children one of which is a massive train fan. Department for Transport, Rail Group (2006), This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 04:52. The Tarka Line runs between Barnstaple and Exeter St Davids, but trains continue east across Exeter to terminate at St James Park. The line was designated by the Department for Transport as a community rail line in September 2006. How to visit by train. Read our handy article to find out how to travel by train with a bike. The 1–in–36 gradient between Ilfracombe and Mortehoe stations was one of the steepest sections of double track railway line in the … There is a large car park at the back of the station and cycle storage on Station Road. Barnstaple railway station is the northern terminus of the Tarka Line and serves the town of Barnstaple, Devon. It is one of the railway lines supported by the Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership, an organisation formed in 1991 to promote railway services in the area. Meanwhile, the Commission also told the LSWR that they would not be permitted to construct a line linking the Cowley Bridge to Exeter, leaving the E&CR completely isolated. Some of the smaller stations have seen a decline in passenger numbers during the last few years, although there have been significant increases at Umberleigh, Eggesford, and Copplestone and on the line overall with passenger numbers more than tripled since 2001. The NDR opened in 1854 with stations at Yeoford, Copplestone, Morchard Road, Lapford, Eggesford, South Molton Road, Portsmouth Arms, Umberleigh and Barnstaple, as well as a siding at "Chappletown". Until 2019 on Sundays during the summer months a service operated (on behalf of Devon County Council) between Exeter Central and Okehampton. Average savings on fares booked prior to day of travel vs full price fares on day of travel in the UK. However, business interests in Crediton became interested in a railway again after allies of the Great Western Railway (GWR), the Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER), reached Exeter in 1844, and the GWR-allied South Devon Railway started extending that line to Plymouth. It is the highest point of the D&SR line, nearly 800 feet (240 m) above sea level. Four days later, the conversion of the E&CR was complete. The line has linked North and South Devon since 1854. A passing loop and second platform were brought into use in 1876 and extended in 1910 and again in 1937. Collisions are prevented on these sections by requiring the train crew to be in possession of a physical token released from an electrically operated apparatus at a station under a system known as no signaller token remote working. The Tiverton option had Isambard Kingdom Brunel as its engineer, was favoured by the GWR, and had backing from the Five Kings and the Lord Lieutenant of Devonshire, Hugh Fortescue, 2nd Earl Fortescue. The town centre - with its winding streets and fabulous views across the rippling River Taw - is only a ten-minute walk away, reached by crossing the 13th-century Long Bridge. Passenger services on the line are operated by Great Western Railway using Class 150 or Class 158 diesel multiple units. The line was transferred to First Great Western in 2006, who rebranded as GWR in 2015 and introduced the line's current fleet and service pattern in December 2019. Save 61% on average when you buy in advance. The only steam railway in the UK where on every journey, passengers travel in Victorian railway carriages designed in the 1890's These unique historic carriages cannot be … The Tarka Line, also known as the North Devon Line,[1] is a local railway line in Devon, England, linking the city of Exeter with the town of Barnstaple via a number of local villages. [10] The full journey from Barnstaple to Exeter takes just over 1 hour, much the same as the journey time in a car. A wonderful man called Lee gave his time and knowledge explaining everything about the train to my son, he was so friendly and kind, I have never met anyone like him. The railway broadly follows the route of the A377 road, and north of Lapford, the Tarka Line is intertwined with the River Taw.[3]. 10 stamps collected in the Rail Ale Trail leaflet entitle the participant to claim special Tarka Line Rail Trail souvenir tour shirt. Courtesy Wikipedia :- The station at East Anstey i n Devon was built with just a single platform on the south side of the line. Barnstaple is the main railway station in North Devon and the final stop for passengers travelling the Tarka Line, with its soul-soothing views of the Devon countryside. The Tarka Line is named after the otter in Henry Williamson's book Tarka the Otter which is set in the area. There's also a treat for cyclists, as the abandoned railway line to Bideford - part of the popular South West Coast Path - is accessible next to the station. The section south of Crediton became part of the LSWR in 1876. We help customers across Europe make more than 172,000 smarter journeys every day. The station dates back to 1848 and its warm brickwork is an apt introduction to this quiet and quaint waterside town. In December we launched an improved timetable on the Tarka line featuring an hourly service throughout the day between Exeter Central and Barnstaple. Update: Due to the coronavirus, we have changed our train/bus operations. Find WiFi Hotspots around Barnstaple station,

Please note cycles can be carried on our trains free of charge restriction apply, pick up “Cycling by Trains†leaflet at your local station.

. Portsmouth Arms is the quietest station in Devon. Meanwhile, a proposal from business interests in Barnstaple was put forward in 1845 to build a new line connecting their town to the B&ER at Exeter. As for the TVER, the end of Railway Mania had left it without funding and the Act of 1846 had left the decision on its gauge to the Railway Commission, who in 1848 announced it would be in broad gauge.