Praxis Reports of Committees and Task Forces The discussion must be dynamic and stimulate reactions. The topics should be useful to those new to practice, but ideally should be relevant a wider family medicine audience as well. CFP generally publishes one or more full-text research articles in each issue, along with a number of Web Exclusives that appear on-line at CFP.CA. Introduction should indicate the current state of knowledge, give the context of the study, and be supported by key references. What is new or important about this study should be stated clearly. 0000130911 00000 n 0000133398 00000 n The interpretations, themes, or concepts created in the analysis should appear to flow logically from the description of the analytic process and should be supported by appropriate quotations. 0000023569 00000 n Names of committee members who did not write the manuscript should be listed separately. Describe clinical and statistical significance, how the results compare with those in the literature, possible explanations for results, and future directions for research. Frailty. Why clinical research is neglected. Specific objectives of the program should be described and appropriate literature cited concisely. The study objective should be clearly stated at the end of the introduction. 0000129616 00000 n 0000006040 00000 n It should help family physicians decide whether or not they should change their own approach to the condition in question. 0000006411 00000 n 0000012110 00000 n 0000020724 00000 n Discussion states what new information has been found. The article should assess not only the strength of the studies but the "bottom line" clinical importance for family practice. 0000129797 00000 n Discussion should cover what new information has been found. Articles should be a maximum of 1500 words. Introduction should describe the reason for the survey, especially what new information it is intended to find. The study question should be clearly stated as the objective at the end of the introduction. Results section should not include commentary. 0000129135 00000 n 3. Outline the approach and point out its advantages and disadvantages. Method should describe how the clinical discovery was made or examined. 0000019275 00000 n Think of Resident’s Views as a platform from which residents may address the medical community on issues or perspectives you feel need to be brought to the wider audience. 0000014387 00000 n 0000135664 00000 n 0000132290 00000 n 0000127441 00000 n CFP is always looking for thoughtful articles from current family medicine residents. Design should be appropriate to the question. Composition of committee. Enough quotations should be cited to ensure that readers get a sense of the richness and quality of the evidence supporting the analysis. 0000073151 00000 n 0000131972 00000 n Chronological sequence provides logical structure. CFP is looking for thoughtful articles from those in their first 5 years in practice. Commentaries should generally range from 900 to 1500 words. 0000011616 00000 n Abstracts should include the headings Problem being addressed, Objective of program, Program description, and Conclusion and should not exceed 175 words. Submitted texts must include a story, an argumentation, a discussion, and a practical conclusion. It must respect the ethical principles. Summary – Up to 150 words summarizing the case presentation and outcome. 0000062074 00000 n Program descriptions that have an evaluation component are preferred to those that do not have an evaluation. The story (or narrative) presents the facts and provides the context. Clinical Review articles should generally be from 1200 to 2000 words, excluding tables and references. The question should be clearly stated (as the objective), describing population, maneuver, and outcome where applicable. 0000017179 00000 n Descriptive articles should be no more than 2000 words, excluding tables and references. The title should indicate clearly the purpose of the report. 0000010946 00000 n A tip does not have to be entirely original material, but should have a definite clinical application. Results begin with the response rate. Articles must be evidence based and focus on clinical conditions that are regularly encountered by practising family physicians. This might include brief overviews or illustrative examples of research methods and issues. 0000126935 00000 n First Five Years is a quarterly series in Canadian Family Physician, coordinated by the First Five Years in Family Practice Committee of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Hypothesis Compare the results to existing literature; suggest areas for future research; and note the limitations of the review. Indicate areas of controversy and alternative approaches. Program Descriptions 0000068155 00000 n 0000131888 00000 n Authors wishing to submit results of clinical trials to CFP will be required to include the trial registration number and trial registry name at the end of the abstract. Articles for the Hypothesis page are intended to provide education on basic research concepts that are of interest to the general readership of the CFP. McWhinney IR. Discussion and Conclusion – Why is the case important and what lessons are to be learned? 1. Describe indications for application and known or suspected contraindications. Commentaries are meant to be thoughtful, provocative, opinion pieces that present fresh thinking in family medicine. Conclusions should summarize the main findings of the study, relate back to the study objective, and be supported by data found in the study. 0000068256 00000 n Information (data) gathering, such as audiotaping, transcribing, and keeping field notes, should be described in enough detail to permit readers to understand the process. Level I: At least one properly conducted randomized controlled trial, systematic review, or meta-analysis. The significance of this study in relation to other literature should be addressed and areas for further inquiry suggested. Sponsorship, grants, or other financial support for the committee's work must be acknowledged. Maximum number of words is 1500, and 10 up to references and 2 tables or figures may be included. Copyright © 2020 by The College of Family Physicians of Canada, Assessing clinical discoveries. 0000020002 00000 n The original problem should be addressed by the program. 0000128418 00000 n 0000136733 00000 n Discuss your experience with the technique. Articles published in CFP appear on our website at CFP.CA, where they join the major international medical journals through the HighWire electronic journal publishing facility of Stanford University. 0000130341 00000 n 0000008477 00000 n Commentary Case reports may describe everything from new or unusual presentations of common conditions to unusual adverse reactions to medications. 0000009842 00000 n