Follow the instructions to detect your keyboard type. I other words, I want to assign the action of the "Pause/Break" key the the "Spacebar" key. 2. Thanks! Press the ⌘ Command key and the Spacebar to cycle through your installed languages. You can also swap out the keys between multiple Ducky keyboards. Spacebar keycaps made by other manufacturers can replace Ducky spacebar keycaps, as long as they are the right size … You can order different Ducky keycap sets online, so you can change the spacebar and other keys on your Ducky keyboard to completely customize it and give it a new look. How to Apply Changes to the Registry: There are at least two methods to remap keys via the registry: Use a program like KeyTweak (freeware) to visually remap your keys. It will change the registry for you. If you still have a problem with a USB keyboard, you will need to do reinstall your Windows, method 7. $\begingroup$ Also worth noting that there is an option in the User Preferences to change the spacebar action back to search (at least in an older 2.8 build I have). This also gives you the option of quickly disabling a key and making use of any special keys your keyboard has such as media, Explorer, power, or internet keys. level … $\endgroup$ – Ray Mairlot May 21 '19 at … The third way is by using the virtual keyboard in the main window to click on the key to change and then select the new mapping from the drop down below. Hope this helps. Click Input Sources tab. If another keyboard is working without any problems, that means your current keyboard has a hardware problem and you will need to change it with a new one. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. 1 year ago. The easiest way is to remove the adjacent keys either side of the spacebar with a keypuller, then gently pull it upwards with your fingers. It's at the top of the Keyboard menu. If you are using a keyboard other than a Mac keyboard, click Change keyboard type under the "Keyboard" tab. 4. #3 - Posted 18 March 2009 - 10:14 PM Back to top The blue items you are seeing under the spacebar are the stabilizers; you will find these on keys larger than 2u. It supports only the keyboard (AutoHotkey has mouse remapping and some limited joystick remapping).