(Seasons announced in mid-April) While the chart below reflects the peak run times, it does not necessarily show when seasons are open. Location: Skagit River (Skagit Co.), from the mouth to the Cascade River Road Bridge in Marblemount. Local rivers are showing plenty of chum salmon available, while coho fishing appears to be as expected according to officials from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. October 14, 2020 Coho season extended in the Skagit River Action: Extends coho retention season. Min. The Coho salmon season begins tomorrow in a couple of North Central Washington spots. Effective date: Immediately through Dec. 31, 2020. . Rule: Salmon Daily limit 2, plus 2 additional hatchery coho may be retained. The Coho Season performed far worse than expected and resulted in limit reductions along with closures in certain rivers to ensure escapement goals were reached. The big bright spot was the better than expected Pink Salmon returns to rivers like the Puyallup which provided significant opportunities to intercept fish throughout puget sound. The summer season will be limited to sockeye and steelhead retention. Species affected: Coho salmon. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says anglers can start keeping catches of Coho on Thursday between Priest Rapids Dam and Rocky Reach Dam, though there are different limits depending on where you are. Salmon closed in May so we have LINGCOD or Flounder Only or Combo.. Summer Salmon season usually opens June 1st for Coho and July 16 or 25 for Kings. Although sockeye and fall Chinook returns show improvement from 2019, below average projections for summer Chinook, coho, and upriver summer steelhead will require another year of reduced or closed seasons and bag limits. size 1