Students, Newly Opportunities, Multicultural & Social Justice Education Programs, Veterans Resources Appointments, Student Account Deadlines and Decisions, Postbac Premed Students, Counseling Below is the full list of all courses offered on the Morningside Campus that are approved for the Global Core requirement, regardless of semester offered. Courses in the Global Core are organized around a set of primary texts or artifacts, which may range from texts of literate traditions to media (e.g. Columbia Sites, Rome Beyond Rome: Roman Art and Architecture in a Global Perspective (Effective beginning Spring 2018), Primary Texts of Latin American Civilization, The Ottoman Past in the Greek Present (Effective beginning Spring 2018), Topics in Global Thought: Global 20-Youth in an Interconnected World (Effective beginning Spring 2019), World Dance History (Effective beginning Spring 2019), Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: China, Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Japan, Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Korea, Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Tibet, East Asian Cinema (Effective beginning Spring 2017), Cultural History of Japanese Monsters (Effective beginning Fall 2019), Remapping Algeria: Poetics and Politics of Space (Effective beginning Spring 2021), Berlin/Istanbul: Migration, Culture, Values (GER), Vietnam in the World (Effective beginning Spring 2019), The Qur'an in Europe (Effective beginning Fall 2017), Jews in the City in the Islamic Middle East (Effective beginning Spring 2021), Hispanic Cultures I: Islamic Spain through the Colonial Period, Lusophone Africa and Afro Brazilian Culture, Hispanic Cultures II: Enlightenment to the Present, Brazilian Society and Civilization (Effective beginning Fall 2017), Race, Medicine and Literature in 19th-Century Brazil (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Gandhi and His Interlocutors (Effective beginning Spring 2015), MESAAS & History: Court Cultures 350-1750 (Effective beginning Spring 2021; offered as a one-time course), Literature and Cultures of Struggle in South Africa (Effective beginning Spring 2017), Islamic Central Asia (Effective beginning Fall 2020; offered as a one-time course), SOCIETIES/CULTRS: INDIAN OCEAN (Effective beginning Fall 2013), Cinema and Colonialism in South Asia (Effective beginning Spring 2018), Masterpieces of Indian Art and Architecture, Contemporary Arts of Africa (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies, Race and Representation in Asian American Cinema, Hellenism and the Topographical Imagination, Seminar in Global Thought: Inquiries into an Interconnected World, Dance of India (Effective beginning Fall 2018), Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Vietnam, CULTURE, MENTAL HEALTH, AND HEALING IN EAST ASIA, Ethnography and Representation in Tibet (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Tibetan Sacred Space (in Comparative Context), Economic Organization and Development of Japan, Literature and Oil (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Revolution in/on the Caribbean (Effective beginning Fall 2018), Topics in World Cinema: China (Effective beginning Spring 2018), The Caribbean Digital (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Empire & Nation-Building East Central Europe (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Colloquium on Major Texts: Middle East and South Asia, Cinemas of India (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Salsa, Soca, and Reggae: Popular Musics of the Caribbean, Introduction To the Musics of India and West Asia, Exploring the Sharia: Topics in Islamic Law, GLOBAL INDIGENOUS RELIGIOUS HISTORIES (Effective beginning Fall 2020), Fantastic Fictions: Postmodern Asian American Literature, Contemporary Migrations in the French & North African Context (Effective beginning Summer 2020), Africa in the 21st Century: Aesthetics, Culture, Politics, Archaeology and Africa: Changing Perceptions of the African Past, Corpse Life: Anthropological Histories of the Dead [Previously Archaeologies of Death and, Introduction to the Anthropology of South Asia, Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America, Women and Gender Politics in the Muslim World, Introduction to South Asian History and Culture, Contemporary Central Asia (formerly ANTH V2029), Rome Beyond Rome: Roman Art and Architecture in a Global Perspective, Arts of Islam: The First Formative Centuries (circa 700-1000), Arts of Islam: Realignments of Empire and State (ca. Employees, Postbac Premed Undergraduate Specific Program Requirements, Letters Military Veterans, Financial Aid A curriculum that includes intensive work in chemistry, physics, calculus, and computer science (technical requirements), plus a focused version of Columbia College’s famed Core, which features small, discussion-based classes examining foundational texts in the humanities (liberal arts). Note: Not all courses are taught each academic year. Planning, Premedicine Appointments, Graduate School Employees, Counseling Calendar, Postbac Premed Students, Medical School Below is the full list of all courses offered abroad through Columbia-sponsored programs that are approved for the Global Core requirement, regardless of semester offered. Coaching, Pre-Professional Concentrations, Academic For more information, consult the Office of Global Programs. Columbia students who study abroad in an approved program and who take a course that fulfills the aims of the Global Core may petition to have the course count toward the Global Core requirement. Core Curriculum The purpose of the core curriculum is to ensure that every MA student in the Global Thought program receives a theoretical, broad-based, interdisciplinary foundation in the concepts behind global thought. Financial Aid, University Admission, Linkage Scholarships, Federal and State Admissions, University-Wide and Certificate Programs, Applying to Medical Six LAS Core credits at the 2000 level or higher, one Global Awareness (GA) course. Listings, Majors and Columbia in Amman and Paris: Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA) Program, Columbia Summer in Amman and Tunis: Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Not offered during the Spring 2018 semester, Columbia in London- Queen Mary University, Columbia Summer Program in Tunis and Istanbul: Democracy and Constitutional Engineering, Slavic Languages- Office of Global Programs, CLEN OC3245 Black Americans and the City of Light: A Seminar (Effective beginning Summer 2020), Columbia University in the City of New York, Postbac Premed Core Curriculum Books Columbia University's Core Curriculum is one of the nation's oldest and most renowned Core programs and defines the Columbia experience.