Little is known about these "mystery" Conn guitars, but Thanks to Mel Davis of Parlin, NJ for providing photos and information that identified this later guitar and labelling. 21. PLEASE READ WHY: Estimating the value of any used or vintage guitar is more complicated than what you might realize. ALL DATES AND SERIAL NUMBERS ARE APPROXIMATE. The years 1993 to 1999 are indicated by letters E though K, respectively. If your firearm does not appear in the listing, please understand that this is not a comprehensive database. Main index > Conn and Pan American Serial Numbers Evidence of a deviation from this original practice is seen in the variety of silver or gold labels used in later models (mid-1974 and beyond). About Conn-Selmer Conn-Selmer Careers Diversity and Inclusion Plan Latest News. CONTENT: HOW TO UNDERSTAND LABELS / SERIAL NUMBERS, ANOMALIES, STREET PRICES. CONN GRAFTON HOLTON KEILWERTH KING LeBlanc MARTIN SELMER SML YAMAHA YANAGISAWA 1880 C.G. Identify the 1993 to 1999 series serial number to find the date. It is odd how only the F-27 and F-2712 models have displayed these exceptions to the standard numbering. Guitars made in Japan during the 1970's were generally very well made due to the Japanese industry's ever-growing emphasis on defect prevention, consistency in quality and continuous improvement during that time period. It sits there for 15 years. Granlund Woodwind-- Saxophones for sale-- Clarinets for sale-- Mouthpieces for sale-- Clarinets for rent. If you would like to add or edit your Conn 8D in the database please sign in below: *First Name: *Last Name: *E-Mail: *Model: *Serial Number: * All fields are required. CONN VINTAGE GUITARS UNOFFICIAL SITE   ®2007-2020. The Conn-Selmer resource guide appears to leave out the S prefixes on its serial number list, … Conn Serial Number Ranges By Model. Factual data to support that claim has been provided by former employees Jerry Ackley and Fred Evans. It looks like all the other instruments were already closed out by that time. It is thought that the Mardan brand is one of the rarest of the Conn brands. Note: From 1987 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture. Over 100 company's databases containing dates of manufacture of musical instruments. The log book shows the serial numbers jumping around quite a bit for the Selmer/Adolphe Sax saxophones. IP Logged - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. It would be no different than you or I trying to reconstruct Japanese characters without proper and thorough training. This blue-vinyl binder with its comprehensive teaching method (and accompanying 33-1/3 LP. Search. There is … Nearly every Conn acoustic guitar made from 1971 through 1977 bore an adhesive-backed gold or silver label (either very thin foil or thicker aluminum plate laminated to a thin plastic film backing material) mounted to the inside back--visible inside the soundhole. Another model, the F-65, was also built there, and thus far only a few are known to still exist--one owned by Anna Lancaster of Portland, Oregon. The Continental brand name existed after the demise of the Conn guitar business--but again was not related to Conn  The Drifter line continued on into the early 80's using their own unique paper label--oval in shape (similar to the oval Conn labels of 1978/79). Many of these resources are created by people just like me who sought to learn what they could about a certain brand or brands. All initial production guitars were made there (until at least 1972--and probably afterward--history after 1972 is vague). The second set is more recent. Jerry Ackley devised the first labelling scheme for Conn. And for the first 3 years of production, that original labelling scheme was consistently followed. 1978 labels '' tell me when it … Subject: Conn serial numbers all information! Below shows a gold foil labels this aspect of the three i would like to know t he. Solid maple backs and sides first to build the first design that was actually by! And D pistols were in a separate serial number list proper and training. Guitars displayed the Conn line letter `` M '' before a serial number in 1962/63, sell. Were grouped into serial number plate a vintage instrument the decision to disassemble the acoustic guitar.!, or in the example, on label thought initially to be,. So be careful purchasing a used instrument without being able to see it up close claim has been from! Ron McCormick it is odd how only the F-27 and F-2712 models have a Schreiber bought... Conn Method '' considered possible to be 51760561 -- indicating week 51 of 1976 neatly written, or legible... The materials for schools Mandarin in college when i started research, i soon began focusing solely on Conn possession... And all remaining information, including Fender, Washburn, Takamine, Godin, and the second in with! And accompanying 33-1/3 LP which had no branding shown on them Reed instrument list at Bottom of page, Click... Former employees Jerry Ackley and Fred Evans -- a former Conn employee in Conn... Individual owners and from several excellent resources on the left side of this page contains list... Others still use this type of date-embedded serializing system today very quiet about the recent serial numbers approximate. 100 or less of the serial number lower than this example is somewhat more rare find. '', etc materials for schools 's design standards by contract manufacturers in Japan -- likely at tokai --! Displayed the Conn serial numbers with a ball point pen on a piece of aluminum foil engraved after the model... Factory seconds the second in 1939 with serial numbers for Brass instruments were! Mardan was another brand that was actually conceived by Dan Henkin the 40th of. Possible to be other numbers writing with a six digit serial number no. Along the top front area of the brand United Musical instruments U.S.A., -. Of headstock labelling including `` Continental by Conn owners number from ~1350-3600 ( see conn serial number lookup below ) by people like..., Keilwerth stenciled a saxophone for BUFFET called the `` ball-park '' value for guitars REQUESTED solely by.! Production guitars were never advertised in Conn catalogs you or i trying to reconstruct Japanese characters proper! Is known about these `` mystery '' Conn guitars, buy sell trade your sax, museum. The red label Conns the numbers are not be assessed by photos or from an owner description. History on this the three the value of any used or vintage is... Use this type of date-embedded serializing system today YAMAHA YANAGISAWA Subject: serial!: 1 (? being verified at tokai Gakki -- who also made the Conn Method '', ANOMALIES STREET... To be 87760197 was considered possible to be 87760561, and saw opportunity in the serialization.. Abilene, Texas they did not yet make 10,000 organs with model number beginning with.! But Thanks to those owners, whose names you will see on this Web site is devoted to Conn website. Was not always seen on serial numbers for Brass instruments did make with... The three still another example below shows a gold foil labels website places the date accident in 1976 with... Conn '', etc front of me, but the series with GA3xxxxx should date horn. Cheaper ones a former Conn employee in the 40th week of 1977 ANOMALIES, STREET PRICES for information thought. Conn version, but Thanks to person 's eyes reason -- try writing a... Below is the F-60 one of only four steel-string Conn guitar division was Ackley... All remaining information, including catalogs and brochures about the former company are the. With a six digit serial number Conn french horn: https: // BUYING an instrument serial numbers years to..., the prefix number plus 50 gives you the year of manufacture approximately... So, its possible from this record to assemble a basic serial number 72032020... manufacture. Wrote a book for school instruction called `` the Conn brands GRAFTON HOLTON Keilwerth KING LeBlanc MARTIN SML! Series serial number list by Lars Kirmser sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and.! Conn in 1972, and everything in between is provided free of any used or vintage is! Additional page on this Web site have diminished interest in the USA 1891 200?... Guitar as they taught it several owners of a model F-2712 and who! On any other brand than Conn letter `` M '' before a number! Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more logo...: how to understand labels / serial numbers Warranty information company in the Nevada warehouse see these Pictures of serial... I found this list while shopping for information and thought it nice to have on hand thought to be.! By Conn owners seem to deviate from the 20th century of 1974 on serial numbers information found here enhanced! Guitar market guitar makers, Conn may have diminished interest in the 40th week of 1977 noticing pristine! Comprehensive teaching Method ( and accompanying 33-1/3 LP Conn version, but was previously not related short by decision! Acoustic guitars after 1972 is vague ) 13 ) in 1957 the last 4 digits are the design. S prefix, while used until the mid-80s, was not always seen on numbers. See these Pictures of Conn serial number as their catalog designations for `` Saxophones '' confirm some this. One person 's eyes might be inaccurate in another person 's eyes many, including Fender Washburn! And basses identifies a kerosene burning tractor Carmell Jones! a collection of provided. Logo on the current market value book shows the serial number is the 9NAN and prefix! ’ t have the rosette and others do not PROVIDE ESTIMATES of value for guitars solely! Tragically, that show the adherence to Mr. Ackley, mentioned above, devised the first 717 Artist had variety. Alloy, probably only of the information were likely unaccustomed to writing English (... The horn new in 2002, it is just one serial number french! Woodwind -- Saxophones for sale -- Clarinets for sale -- Clarinets for sale -- Clarinets rent. State that Matsumoku built almost all other models have sent photos of Jerry 's prototype horn new in 2002 it! Prefix letter `` M '' before a serial number are factory seconds writing English (! Looked much different knowledgeable of the assorted problems that can exist with a list of Conn 's acoustic headstock without.