My soft Ark is a slip stone, for odd shaped blades (and 1/3 of it is broken off), so I don’t use it often. I finished sharpening 4 chisels last night that had been flattened and sharpened up to the extra fine of my diamond stones. It does a fine job. I have been looking for a sharpening product that I could use between my super fine diamond stone and a leather strop that is different than the Norton 8000 grit water stone I was currently using. hmmmmm. Picture a knot in wood, similar thing. Sharpening Supplies' Arkansas stones are rebranded Dan's stones, at a cheaper price than Dan's sells them. I decided to look into a similar system so on the hunt for a Translucent Arkansas Stone I went. I go from med. Latest Blog Entries | It seems like the oil was carrying away the shavings like it should. I followed it up with a few strokes on the strop and the surface was nicely polished and flat. Last week was Christmas week maybe that is part of the reason for the lack of communication. and while that works, the paper doesn’t last very long. A whetstone is a sharping tool used by many consumers and professionals alike to sharpen and hone a blade. I received my order today and my god is this thing perty. The black translucent provides a little bit finer result from my experience, and is closer to Norton hard black Arkansas stones of old. I’ve never used a natural stone before so it is neat to see how beautiful these are. See a knife you really want, but can’t shell out the cash all at once? I am very pleased by this. I guess one of the last things I noticed was how easy it was to sharpen the back of the 1/8” chisel. I agreed to order one, sent in my payment and shipping info and was pleasantly surprised to see an email the next day with 2 pictures of the exact stone they picked out for me. please comment on how it works. The sizes were a 1 1/4”, 1/2”, 1/4”, and 1/8”. Now I have to go scrounging around the kitchen drawers looking for stuff to sharpen.. After about 10 light strokes I started to see very light particles in the slurry on the outsides of the path the chisel traveled over the stone. I tried running my finger nail over the crack to see if it would prevent me from using that side and I couldn’t even tell it was there. After examining the surface of the stone, I noticed that a few areas of the pinkish purple circles had an exposed core that was softer than the rest of the stone. I don’t think I will ever be hindered by this small crack. but never the translucent or surgical black, so I’m curious how well these work for getting a great edge. Whetstones are popular because of its versatile ability to sharpen the blunt edge of not just knives but any tool that requires it, even to sharpen other knife sharpeners with lesser grids. I wonder if the girlfriend would mind if her metal spatulas can shave the end grain of soft pine like butter? We have operated from Pearcy, Arkansas for over 40 years. I think the water stone is a great product, but I hate the maintenance and mess of a water stone. | Copyright I’ve used soft natural Arkansas and a man-made mediumhard Arkasas…. | Privacy Policy India to the med hard Ark. The whetstone's abrasive surface scrapes against the blade to remove the dull edge and give it … I have used a hard Arkansas for ever. Gorgeous!!!!! First off, this thing is HARD and SMOOTH and FLAT. Nothing beats a keen edge on a trusted blade. This Dan’s Whetstone Company double-sided Sharpener Combination Sharpening Stone features a fine Aluminium Oxide Stone on one side and a Soft (Coarse … It was a nice feeling and points to how hard and smooth and flat this thing is. Getting a whetstone is a sure and easy way to keep any and all your gears with a blade in top working condition. The demonstration and end result looked easy, relatively fast, and very sharp (with minimal mess and fuss). LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. Remember that most of the cost of producing one of these hones is the labor required to lap and polish what is one of the world's hardest natural stones. If you look closely at the picture, there is a small crack on the right hand side in the middle of the stone. Manage Consent. | Do Not Sell My Data Can’t wait to use them. I put the straight edge of an engineers square to it and its flat. Since production of whetstones began in … The smooth side of the stone is for honing and touch ups, while the rough side is for sharpening. Latest Projects | I don't have both, side by side. This was great because I was interested in a seconds and asked if they could make sure that the natural defects of the stone were not through the body of the stone but around the edges as I would be sharpening plane irons and chisels and didn’t want something right through the middle of a 2” wide stone. This whetstone is proven to sharpen any type of tools and blades. I sent emails to a few reputable companies and Dan’s Whetstone answered my email the next day. Similar to the Whetstone Cutlery Two-Sided Whetstone, this one also features two sides. I don't have both, side by side. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I’ve never used a water stone, or powered system, so I don’t have much to compare with. Much better. Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc. Translucent Arkansas Stone Brand: Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc. | Category: Sharpening Accessories I have been looking for a sharpening product that I could use between my super fine diamond stone and a leather strop that is different than the Norton 8000 grit water stone I was currently using. I started off trying to use mineral oil on the hard translucent stone but the mineral oil I had was too viscous and did not allow the stone to cut, just created a film over the stone that the chisel skated over. lately, I’ve added the step of going to a granite plate with wet/dry sand paper on it…. I was charged within a day of ordering. Results are good, but not exactly speedy. We now offer … We are very pleased with our order." -- Matt -- I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam. Reviews and Ratings for Dan's Whetstone Translucent Extra-Fine Bench Stone in Wooden Box (6 x 2 x 1/2) at KnifeCenter. Dan's Whetstone is the only complete producer and supplier of natural Arkansas whetstone grades. We corresponded back and forth about what sizes I was interested in, and my price range and after about a week (including a weekend), she sent me pricing and availability on the product I was looking for within my price range. Ill report back on how it works later today after I get home and give it a go. Hopefully they will come soon. I ordered the 8×2 x 1 hard black and hard stones about two weeks ago from Dan’s and haven’t heard anything from them. The black translucent provides a little bit finer result from my experience, and is closer to Norton hard black Arkansas stones of old. and it has always worked well enough…. This might be a defect and one of the main reasons why this stone is considered a second. I already knew the type of stone I was looking for so I did not ask about the differences between the stones. She said she included my request on the quote so the guys in production could hand pick me something that would work for what I wanted.