(toaster ovens work well though you may want to cover the pie in aluminum foil if your toaster is very small)4) Re-heat pie for 12 - 15 minutes5) Shepherd's pies may need a little longer to thaw and/or reheat, 2) Allow pies to thaw (in the fridge overnight works well. 1) Avoid using a microwave oven (the pastry doesn't respond well unless baked) 2) Allow pies to thaw (in the fridge overnight works well.) Place pie in oven for … We specialize in English, Australian and South African style hand-pies and family pies. HOURS Mon-Fri 6.30AM – 6.30PM Sat-Sun 7.30AM - 6.30PM. ), (toaster ovens work well though you may want to cover the pie in, aluminum foil if your toaster is very small), 5) Shepherd's pies may need a little longer to thaw and/or reheat. Our pies, available HOT — or COLD — to reheat at your leisure and for your pleasure. Located in the heart of the evolving Brooklyn neighborhood of Windsor Terrace/South Park Slope, we're right on the F,G-Train, right on Prospect Park, right across the road from the Pavilion Cinema-Park Slope. The danger with reheating meat pies comes from the third group “if they’ve been cooked and not cooled quickly enough”. To have your art considered for our walls send an email to art@dubpies.com, - all shots are double unless otherwise requested  - we use natural, local Battenkill Milk, Pacific Soy and Almond Milk  - we have fresh decaf coffee Flat WhiteEspressoAmericanoLong BlackCortadoMachiatoCappuccinoCafe LatteMochaIced AmericanoIced LatteDrip Coffee (House blend = #46 & Weekly single origin), Earl GreyIrish BreakfastNew Zealand BreakfastPG Tips (Gumboot tea) Cinnamon GingerVanilla PeppermintJasmine GreenGinger, Cinnamon, PeachChamomileDragon’s Well Green, Milo (malted chocolate) Fluffy (aka Babycino or steamed milk) Red Jacket Apple/Fruit JuicesSan Pellegrino sodasJuice boxesBottled Water, Steak Mince PieSteak Mince & Cheese PieSteak & Mushroom PieSteak & Cheese PieNY Shepherds PieThai Chicken Curry PieChicken & Vegetable PieSausage RollSpinach & Cheese Roll Breakfast Pie (bacon, egg, cheese) Vegetarian Breakfast Pie (egg, cheese) Curry Vegetable Pie (vegetarian) Texas BBQ Brisket Biscuit Pie. Place pies on a baking tray and cover with foil, this stops the pie tops from burning. Best Ways to Reheat Spanakopita. Reheat pie straight from frozen, cooking it for 20 minutes at 375F degrees, before turning the oven down to 350F degrees and cooking until the middle is bubbling. Remove the foil and return to the oven for around 5 minutes ensuring the pies are piping hot. Yummy.ph is property of Summit Media Freezing things that are already at the proper temperature, and in the proper container, is everything. The correct method for reheating your next delivery of frozen Down Under Bakery goodness. If it needs more time, you can simply close the air fryer again, and add a couple more minutes. Place in the oven for 20 minutes. It’s easy to also check to see if food is warm and crisp enough during the cooking process. If you have a frozen apple pie and you are ready to reheat it, then you will have to use the oven. Lightly cover with foil. The pies could also come to you, if you order online. Here’s how to easily reheat food in the air fryer: I will typically set my air fryer at 370 degrees, then reheat foods for about 3-4 minutes at a time. Specialties: Our cafe brings you a complete New Zealand-style Pie Shop/Cafe experience including some of the best handmade, authentic gourmet meat (or vege) pies & espresso-based coffee (Flat Whites a specialty) - north of the equator.… Iconic - Down Under - Savory Meat Pies in NYC. 1) Avoid using a microwave oven (the pastry doesn't respond well unless baked), 2) Allow pies to thaw (in the fridge overnight works well. If your oven is causing the edges of the pastry to burn, cover them with a strip of tinfoil. Store meat pies in the freezer for only two to four months. Down Under Bakery (DUB) Pies, est. 1,128 were here. ADDRESS211 Prospect Park West (corner of 16th St)Brooklyn, NY 11215PHONE(917) 909 1510 WHY VISIT US? 3) Pre-heat conventional oven to 350°F. Panbury's is Atlanta's first South African pie shop and the premier destination for sweet and savory pies in Atlanta. Warnings. It's the location was where the Paul Auster movie "Smoke" with Harvey Keitel and William Hurt was filmed. Do not attempt to reheat the pie in the microwave as this causes the pastry to become soggy. 2003, was the first specialty bakery to bring the authentic New Zealand-Australian experience—the culturally iconic meat pie (aka savory pie)—to New York City. DUB Pies are available in a variety of ways: by having us ship them frozen to you anywhere in the USA. Pre-heat the oven to 180 ºC / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4. Allow the pie … Superb coffee - including a sensational Antipodean-style flat-white! Or – consider offering DUB Pies after the kitchen is closed – your bartender can reheat the pies in the blink of an eye and keep that hungry customer from looking elsewhere. This simplifies the thawing and reheating process. Pies whose fillings is made of fruits or nuts—pecan, walnut, peach, cherry, apple, etc.—are relatively easy to bake, freeze, and reheat, because the firm texture of the fillings stays firm while frozen. ART GALLERYRevolving NYC artists on display. Depending on the size of the spanakopita, this will take between seven and twenty minutes, but will help make sure that the crust is crispy and the filling is perfect. NYC's famed Down Under Bakery - specialists in Kiwi-style savory pies & flat whites. ADDRESS 211 Prospect Park West (corner of 16th St) Brooklyn, NY 11215 PHONE (917) 909 1510 Todays quick tip is How To Reheat a Frozen Meat Pie in an Air Fryer, it will give you beautiful crisp and flaky crust with perfectly warmed meat inside. Our chicken, beef and veggie pies are best described as portable pot pies or gourmet hot pockets. Dub Pies: Reheating Your Pie ; Tips. DUB Pies sells HOT meat and vege pies plus authentic Kiwi/Aussie cookies & cakes from its Brooklyn cafe, The Pie Shop.