Management Systems Engineering (MSE) is the definition and application of engineering design and analysis processes and methodologies to systems involving people and technologies within organizations. Ipsum Systems and Management (IS&M) is a Professional Consulting Service Provider, specialising in the Systems Engineering and Management services. develop creative and effective engineered solutions that require engineering systems management skills to meet organizations needs in both the service and industrial sectors. "Introduction to Systems Engineering" uses a structured yet flexible approach to provide a holistic, solid foundation to the successful development of complicated systems. Having a central, prescriptive Engineering Management Standard/Plan is essential to providing an integrated end-to-end management system. Structured validation, verification and integration of the sub-systems whilst continuously considering the complete system problem. Continuous change, release & configuration management of the System, it’s sub systems and interfaces. The course takes you step by step through the system life cycle, from design to development, production and management. Using a multidisciplinary approach, systems engineering determines the following outputs at the early stages of the system life cycle: Operating with integrity and acumen in a highly regulated environment, Avyon is outcome-focussed, delivering a wide range of innovative technological solutions. As the single point of focus for business unit engineering this method enables a comprehensive and high integrity approach to asset development and operations. At Berg Engineering we believe that quality is not just the delivery of the end product; but rather quality impacts on, and should be managed through, every aspect of our business. MSE is focused on the research, design, development, deployment, … We support industry and government clients with independent expertise in design and test of complex system of system capabilities. Avyon is an Australian systems engineering and program management consultancy, providing professional and technical services and executive coaching across the aerospace and maritime domains. The systems engineering approach is fundamental to bringing high performing fit-for-purpose and cost-effective systems into being. One of the primary objectives is to define and develop the science of designing complex management systems. systems engineering, including configuration management. This belief is what drives our business from our Management Team to our Workshop Floor, with our leadership commitment, core values and ethics guiding the manner in which we deliver our works.