Because the banana tree comes from a tropical climate, they require at least 12 hours of bright light every day. After scouring my local plant shops, I resorted to ordering the tree online. Currently, my tree is about three feet! As the banana plant grows rapidly so it requires enriched feed to support its growth. In a short period of time, we have become favorites among households and plant enthusiasts as we provide the widest collection of indoor and outdoor plants. Not only does it like water, but it loves humidity and warmth, too! How to Grow Chinese Dwarf Banana Trees . The height of the dwarf banana tree depends upon the cultivars; it can be grown anywhere between 4 inches to 12 inches as per space in your house. How to Grow Chinese Dwarf Banana Trees . For outdoor gardens or lush poolside foliage, plant your banana tree in the spring and … As I mentioned above, banana trees absolutely love moist soil. The love for tropical houseplants never fades for a gardener geek. Chinese dwarf banana trees are an easy-to-care-for, hardy plant that can even tolerate plunging winter temperatures. Flat 10% off on all orders. A 15-foot “tree” in a pot would be a bit unwieldy! Banana aphids, banana weevil, and coconut scale are some common pests that affect the banana plant. Some of them include Amazon Elephant’s ear, Anthurium, Bromeliads, The Bird of Paradise and Banana tree being the ideal and on the top of the list. India being a tropical country mainly favors the growth of tropical plants. Well-drained soil is required to grow the tree in a pot. The perlite adds an element of aeration while the coconut coir provides the moist soil that the banana tree is in constant need of. Nitrogen enriched fertilizer is the best for it. Have a question? I’m trying to grow my own dwarf cavendish banana tree and my plant is developing spots on the leaves. Above 50% humidity level is required for optimal growth. The easiest way to grow a dwarf banana plant indoors is to buy a corm or sucker from a store and plant it in a loam-based compost. When growing a dwarf banana tree, you should use a large and deep pot with a good-sized drainage hole that should allow at least about 3 inches of space on every side of the corm or banana base. Water it regularly during the summer. It is best to select a dwarf variety for container growing. If the entire plant is suffering from a yellowing problem, it might be an issue with overwatering. It is surprising to express that it is not a tree, in fact, it’s considered as the earth’s largest herb but just because of its enormous size it is called a banana tree. Perhaps the most obvious way to successfully overwinter a banana tree is to grow it in a container and bring it indoors when temperatures drop. When the plant is about to produce the fruit then fertilize it on regular basis with 15:5:30 fertilizer. Ask it below! One day, I saw a dwarf banana tree in the window of a coffee shop and I knew that I had to have one in my own home. Sandy soil enriched with organic matters and compost is the best fit for it. For this purpose growing dwarf banana in your house can be an ideal way to add an ornamental and decorative grace to the walking space of your house. The weirder the plant, the better! Chinese dwarf banana trees are an easy-to-care-for, hardy plant that can even tolerate plunging winter temperatures. If you want to raise bananas in your backyard but don't have a green thumb, don't worry. The dwarf banana plant can be grown somewhere between 4 feet to 12 feet in length. Humidity is an ideal condition to grow banana. is an initiative by IIT and IIM Alumni. Organic pesticides are ideal to use. If preparing at home, then make a mixture of sand, perlite, and manure in good proportion. How to Grow a Dwarf Banana. Dwarf Banana Tree Re-potting. To begin, make sure that you purchase the correct variety of banana trees (side note, they aren’t technically a tree, either!). This is common if occurring to the lower, older leaves of the plant. There are myriad trees which can be grown in the state of dwarfism in order to add the pinch of lush greenery to your house and garden. I’ll have something coming soon! Here’s how to grow your own dwarf cavendish banana tree indoors. The height of the dwarf banana tree depends upon the cultivars; it can be grown anywhere between 4 inches to 12 inches as per space in your house. Additionally, banana plant leaves are very sensitive and may yellow off and die. Growing Banana Trees Indoors. Plant your indoor banana tree in organic potting soil with a mixture of perlite and coconut coir. It requires adequate sunlight, water, and warm weather along with a little care. Fungus gnats are common because banana trees like moist soil. The regular banana trees can grow up to twenty feet tall, whereas the dwarf will cap at around 6 feet. Look for the dwarf cavendish variety of banana plants. Therefore it can be easily grown either in the balcony or the garden area of your home. PlantDecors is one of the best places to buy unique house plants in India. Use code : NEWYEAR2020, Dwarf Banana Tree in Pots: How To Grow and Care, ← Tulsi Leaves: The Wonder Herb That Can Transform Your Skin, 10 Plants That Will Attract Birds to Your Garden →, How to Grow and Caring Tips for Chinese Money Plant in India, 10 Plants That Will Attract Birds to Your Garden, Large Indoor Plants That Have the Wow Factor, How Crassula Plant Attracts Money and The Formula Behind It, Vertical Vegetable Gardening Ideas and DIY Plans for Every Home Gardener.