For this to be effective, you must do the same thing you do for conserving unlimited MP - that is figuring out a rotation. So lets move on to the next section of the guide: With the addition of Trust NPCs, Rune Fencer can easily solo in areas that usually would not be solo-able for such a class. Helmwige has the tendancy to Magic Burst off of a skillchain that the other adds make, as a Rune Fencer you only have 3 tools to guarantee your survival against these magic bursts. This guide will serve as a purpose as helping newer players and even veteran players learn how to tank and manage all end-game scenarios they may be faced with. As soon as you see Mighty Strikes get used, snap into a DT set with Utsusemi and try survive what he has to throw at you. There are a few tips to increase your supertanking capabilities. Auto Attack -> Light -> Radiance will be the following, use Tenebrae runes to counter it. No native access to any of the Cure spells. For the Tank's role the main issue is Iroha herself, not so much the other adds that spawn. This will stop you being terrorized for 60 seconds. Valiance Is similar to Vallation in that it reduces magic damage taken, however, Valiance is Area of Effect, whereas Vallation is self-target only. Note that ALL Wave 3 Mega Bosses have access to Odin's Shin-Zantetsuken. A little bit about myself, this guide is written by Shiraj from Asura. For example, if you are fighting an NM such as Kouryu you must set Healing Breeze and Sheep Song to counteract his Sleepga II and then use Healing Breeze to wake party members who get slept. They are used to deal damage to an opponent. You will be skillchaining with the Corsair to allow the Black Mage to magic burst. Having a macro ready to equip all of your gear for Tank/DT is the only way to effectively work around this move. This NM is a rather annoying one, in that it can basically give you the aids, similar to Albumen and Kyou. For the DD side of things here, don't be surprised to see 15k weapon skills as a maximum, this NM has some serious defense. With the right Trust NPCs, you can do it. Engage Ultima and funnel both NMs together. I could list more possible sub jobs to use with Rune Fencer but none of them would do much good late game. From experience this NM can kill anyone, 75% PDT and I got 1 shotted by Head Butt for 3K damage from Mighty Strikes, you must never let Utsusemi drop for a few seconds or you can die very easily. Save your charm buffer for when the Wynavs spawn, but prep a Pflug Tenebrae x3 if there are no adds as you can resist Charm from Warder of Courage himself, but not the wyverns. Most of Teles' attacks are Wind Based, but they are not a huge problem. Where the Job Abilities have been used you will use 1 different one, but keep the spells coming. There is very little which a Rune Fencer can do except mindlessly hold hate for this fight, there isn't any spells which are used, or moves to defend against as nearly all his attacks are physical. You can rotate enmity spells non-stop with them spells allowing constant hate generation. The adds will come at every 20% - 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% as the final one. Preparing for this can be a real help. The second way to handle it is by removing all Geo Luopans, Smn pets and what not. First of make a rotation which works - instead of spamming spells back-to-back like a maniac and wondering why your MP drains out, rotate Job Abilities with spells and while that is happening the 8 MP/tick refresh, or 5 if you aren't using Runeist's Coat +3 does its work and regens on the side. When paired with AF Gloves +3 and 20/20 Job Points invested in Gambit's duration the maximum duration Gambit can last is 96 seconds. This fight though is nothing like any other, in that sense you will be a Heavy DD instead of a Tank, but you must also perform tanking duties on top of having high damage output.