That's not such a big deal, mind you, except that bag of gummy worms was supposed to last for the next six months. There are about 13 different 'meals' you can sign up for. The school is fortunate to be situated in a safe, attractive and clear air environment with accessibility to international airports and the cities of Guangzhou, Macau and Hong … Guangdong Country Garden School (CGS, Chinese: 广东碧桂园学校), is a private co-ed boarding school in Shunde District, Foshan City, just south of Guangzhou, in the People's Republic of China. Additionally the school's financial department is not paying promised benefits such as airfare in full. The Koreans really requested it. He will not help you in most cases if you have a real problem. Whenever we hear someone at their door, we all poke our heads out like little mice to see what's going on. Speaking of cool apartments, our floor—the 7th--is the coolest. GCGS hold high academic expectations for their students and many of its graduates are admitted to leading universities around the world. The school is fortunate to be situated in a safe, attractive and clean air environment with accessibility to international airports and the cities of Foshan (formerly known as Canton), Macau and Hong Kong. [Quiz], How to teach English online full-time like a pro, 11 platforms where you can teach English online with no experience, 13 ESL classroom tips you must know before you teach 2020. Staff your school from top to bottom. Basic Information l Founded by Shunde Property Development Co., Ltd on September 1994. l A non-profit private boarding school. There are 7 flights to get to my apartment 3 times a day. Teachers do not have any rights at this school whatsoever. In doing lessons, you just hook up your laptop to the large flat screen TV in the classroom and you are set to PowerPoint or video-illustrate the day away. Everybody will tell you the pollution is "much better than Beijing" but it is still very bad for a large percentage of the year. (A NOTE:  Schools change sometimes from year to year. It is only a matter of time before the entire place loses credibility and parents stop bringing children. I hardly graduated from high school with just a 1.68 gpa and with the help of many many night classes. Please read all the reviews at the end of these posts if you are considering teaching at Country Garden Shunde. One teacher died in a scooter accident in the "quiet safe" garden. She just finished her college teaching courses and is doing 1st and 2nd grade here after she student-taught high schoolers just before. Would you be willing to talk about it? One is the Chinese private school. His owner believed he was protecting the toys. That is why you have eggs and tomatoes, fresh shrimp or garlic eggplant for so many meals in a row. If you are looking this school still, please read the reviews mentioned above and whatever you can find on ESL teaching boards. Good luck! One teacher was diagnosed with cancer last year. One day I ate a whole bag of gummy worms just to get motivated to go back to school. Shekou International School (Chinese: 蛇口国际学校) is a private, not-for-profit international school in Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. :] ). Mid-year the Middle School Principal Mr. Shaw had his powers increased and became Head of Secondary. She is so petite but has a passion for education that makes her larger than life when she tells stories. This purge coincided with an announcement that the school would have "no more and no less than 100 foreign teachers." The three unvarying sides for lunch and dinner are rice, soup-o-the-day and one of many types of fried lettuce. This Ivy League educated teacher with 20+ years of experience has never quit a teaching job and he ended up resigning because Mr. Shaw started screaming at him for thirty minutes. About the School: Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS; Chinesename: 广东碧桂园学校), is a private co-ed boarding school in Shunde District, just south of Guangzhou and at the heart of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province. The administrative offices and primary school are in the Jingshan Campus (formerly the Mountainside Campus, located in the Jing Shan Villas development. I have been in communication with the school for a possible job, so I had some questions about it. Manage your recruitment process from end to end. (The classroom westernized--see bulletin board). She fits her name and is the most cheerful, sunny person around. Here it seems that there is no set curriculum to follow. All of its classes are taught in Chinese except an for Oral English. We all joke around and try to figure out who is who. The all-through school, situated in Guangdong has over 4,100 students on record, and offers boarding to all pupils. It offers a wide range of well-established curricula including the IB's PYP, MYP and DP, CIE's IGCSE and A Level, Advanced Placement, and Sino-Canadian, Sino-Australian and International Foundation Diploma Programmes. I highly suggest you read the reviews of CGS on esl teachers board,International School Adviser,International School Reviews (the paid section) and Guangdong Country Garden School -Exposed. Beijiao, Shunde District Foshan Guangdong 528312 CHINA . I climb 4 flights to get to my classrooms and 3 flights up and down for lunch and dinner. The person you are supposed to complain to is the Foreign Affairs Liaison Mr. Carlyon, but he is there only to learn who is disgruntled so that the person can be contained.