Choose small and same sized eggplants to ensure even cooking. It requires a special homemade curry powder called “Koora Podi” which is made with lentils, spices and dry coconut. Brinjals stuffed with spice powder, cooked in peanut tamarind based gravy. Gutti vankaya kura recipe. Jump to Recipe. Gutti vankaya kura| andhra style stuffed brinjal recipe. Prep Time 10 minutes. But this is the version I learnt and let it be my take on Gutti vankaya kura. Gutti vankaya kura podi is a classic and traditional Andhra style of making the stuffed brinjal or baby eggplant curry. Generally in Rayalaseema cuisine we use very basic pantry spices and the usage of tamarind will also be mostly seen. Gutti vankaya means “whole eggplants” and it is a way of cooking where the veggies are stuffed with spices and cooked whole. Before I go into the recipe, let me tell you what the recipe name actually means. Gutti vankaya kura recipe with quick video, step by step photos. ‘Gutti’ means stuffed in Telugu and ‘Vankaya’ means eggplant. 5 from 3 votes. Gutti Vankai or Gutti Vankaya kura is the stuffed eggplant/ brinjal curry a very traditional delicacy from the Andhra cuisine.Andhra Pradesh has many special recipes in its place, but Gutti Vankai holds an iconic place amongst the entire recipes from the Andhra region.. H ere I come with one more authentic Rayalaseema cuisine – Gutti Vankaya Kura(Stuffed Brinjal Curry).. As a girl from Rayalaseema i love to eat spicy food! Gutti vangaya kura is basically a dish from Andhra. Gutti Vankaya kura without onion & garlic: So here’s my mom’s version of homemade gutti vankaya curry. Print Pin. Jump to recipe. It is an andhra style of making brinjal recipe by stuffing peanut, sesame and coconut masala inside brinjal and cooking them. So you will need to cook them whole without chopping them into pieces. Cuisine Indian. Here is an excellent and old recipe made with Brinjal, the King of vegetables. I love the masala powder my Amma prepares for Vaangi Bath. by Jeyashri suresh February 18, 2015. written by Jeyashri suresh February 18, 2015 2074 views. Please check the recipe to know how to prepare the podi. No Telugu wedding is complete without Bagharei Baingan or Gutti vankaya kura-Stuffed brinjal curry in a menu.It has a rich nutty gravy full of flavor.. Ugadi. This is a no onion, garlic or ginger recipe. I happened to taste this in a friend’s place few months back. Andhra style stuffed brinjal tasted yum with rice. Course Side Dish. Gutti vankaya curry is a masala curry made using brinjals or vankaya in peanut, sesame masala.. What is Gutti Vankaya koora? Gutti Vankaya kura | stuffed brinjal | Andhra style stuffed brinjal is tasty side prepared with brinjal and freshly ground spice. I always wanted to cook brinjal with that powder as a stuffing.