If you are using an infrared remote control, proceed to Section D. If your remote does not have the (IR) mark, it is a wireless remote. Pulling out the batteries, counting to 20 then putting them back in again should “reset” it. ; While holding the POWER button, press and hold the TV/VIDEO and VOL- button until the S indicator and all the Component Select buttons are illuminated. ; Release all three buttons. With the SELECT button you can select the wanted mode to be deleted. You can reset the remote through a process called "pairing," which syncs up the remote's output signal with the receiver on the television. If you're sure that your batteries are fine, and that nothing is physically blocking your remote's signal, you'll need to reset the remote. The AT&T key will give a long flash, indicating the code was successfully entered and the remote has been reset to the default settings. If your Samsung TV remote stops working and you've replaced the batteries, you might need to reset the remote to fix the problem. How do I control my TV with my BT TV remote control? S20 and S30 Black remote controls The S20 and S30 remote … Follow this procedure to reset the remote control to factory specifications. That sounds to me like a faulty remote - I’d be very surprised if resetting it would make a difference - even if it CAN be reset. Enter programming code 900 by pressing the number keys on the remote control. Here's how you can programme your BT TV box remote to control a number of functions on your TV, like the volume and channel. How to reset your BT TV remote control. You may need to pair your remote to the Digital Box or TV if you haven’t done so already. Press and hold the TV and RED coloured button (not the record button) at the same time for five seconds The ‘TV’ and ‘PVR’ buttons flash red three times If you've programmed your remote to control your TV, you'll need to reprogramme this following the reset. Infrared Remote Control Wireless Remote Control For the Android TV remote released in 2016 [A]: IR mark [B]: Voice Search button If your remote has the (IR) mark, it is an infrared remote. 1) Put the remote in ‘Erase mode’ Starting condition is ‘TV’ mode; Press simultaneously ‘OK’ + ‘MUTE’ key for 5 seconds; All mode LED’s will be on DVD/R SAT TV VCR AUX; 2) Select the desired mode to be erased. If the remote has stopped controlling the volume and you’re using our silver and black remote, check out the Guide to using Digital+ remote to control volume. Give the remote a go, and see how that works. On the remote control, press and hold the POWER button. If your BT TV remote control is not working properly, follow these easy steps to reset it. Are you working on a Horizon remote?