So, in this text, we’ll try to figure out, how do vegans build muscle while eating plant-based food… You can add High-Calorie Foods to Your Diet, here are tips to build muscle fast at home. It means lifting the right way, eating the right way, and resting the right way. While we believe one should get the majority of his or her nutrition from fresh, organic, non-GM veggies, meats, organic chicken & eggs, legumes and fruits, but supplementation is a great tactic to build muscle and make good for the nutritional gaps, especially for middle-age and older adults who may not be eating enough nutritious foods. These tips will help. Find a space in your living room or your backyard, and get to work with these intense, calorie-burning, at-home workouts. Additionally, exercising on a vegan diet can be challenging, especially when it comes to building muscle. Following these steps will help you give your muscles … You don't need to join a gym to build muscle. But it's easy to make mistakes in your quest for muscle. Building muscle means more than going to the gym. And right now you may be able to take in a huge amount of food and use it to build a strong body. Here's how to avoid those errors. Here I have listed some fresh and light nutrients that are rich in calories: 1. Do These 5 Things Now.