Our keyboard lab has some old Yamaha CLP 300 Clavinovas. When I read your problems, and mind it is just guessing! There is a section labeled "Keys don't produce sound". The keyboard is intermittently loosing sound, i.e. I am getting no sound from my Yamaha SY85 keyboard. Hi. If those keys which do not produce a sound are somehow hanging (are lower than the other keys) and... - Yamaha … We recently bought new Yamaha headphones, but the sound quality with the new headphones is extremely poor (distortion, cuts in an out). Try to restart the instrument to the factory settings. Thanks Dick , you may not have solved her problem, but you solved mine! Just No sound! In between trying to push it in, pulling out, etc, suddenly heard sound from speaker! every 4 or 5 keys then no sound. The hea … read more In this case, the speaker setting is not cause for no sound. Fixed it right up. You can find Clavinovas, which are synthesizers capable of producing wide ranges of sounds, in churches, … Then I try to plug in the headphone again but this time no sound through headphone either. ... My Yamaha DGX 630, no sound while play the keyboard, When I. Join in and write your own page! It's not any particular keys. Hmmm, doesn't look good. If the speaker setting is set to “OFF,” try setting it to “Normal” or “ON”. It's easy to do. If you need the manual for this keyboard, it is here. The only local repair shop wants it brought in to look at it, but I can’t do that - it’s too big and heavy. Set it to an appropriate level using the slider or knob. 131 Questions View all . Jan 21, 2019 Rating: How did you find the problem sourse by: Anonymous i been looking at the circuit but i cant find the problem source : Click here to add your own comments. Hmmm, doesn't look good. Noticed insertion of headphone plug was not smooth, or didn't seem to have gone in all the way. My yamaha dgx-505 has no sound output. [NOTE] This operation may delete the backup settings and data saved in the instrument’s user memory depending on the model. Skip to main content. Depending on the models, the speaker setting cannot be changed. Help please. A: Nothing is connected (correct) ( when auto rhythm selected lights run ok),I have checked 4 fuses at bottom of organ,all ok!,as I still think problem maybe blown fuse,if it is a blown fuse,where's it hiding?,if not I’ve plugged and unplugged everything, and there’s no sound at all. - Answered by a verified Electronic Musical Instrument Expert. Alfred gave you, no doubt the best advice. Everything is in working order, Battery and cord work. Yamaha, repair, Series, Clavinova, Arius, Portable Grand, Modus, CLP525B, CLP525PE, CLP525R, CLP525WH, CLP535B, CLP535M, CLP535PE, CLP535R, CLP535WA, CLP535WH, CLP545B, CLP545M, CLP545PE, CLP545R, CLP545WA, CLP545WH, CLP565GP, CLP565GPWH, CLP575B, CLP575PE, CLP575R, CLP575WH, CLP585B, CLP585PE, CLP625B, CLP625PE, CLP625R, CLP625WH, CLP635B, CLP635DW, CLP635DW, CLP635R, CLP635WA, CLP635WH, CLP645B, CLP645DW, CLP645PE, CLP645R, CLP645WA, CLP645WH, CLP665GP, CLP665GPWH, CLP675B, CLP675DW, CLP675PE, CLP675R, CLP675WA, CLP675WH, CLP685B, CLP685PE, CLP685PWH, CLP695GP, CLP695GPWH, CLP735B, CLP735DW, CLP735PE, CLP735R, CLP735WA, CLP735WH, CLP745B, CLP745DW, CLP745PE, CLP745R, CLP745WA, CLP745WH, CLP765GP, CLP765GPWH, CLP775B, CLP775DW, CLP775PE, CLP775R, CLP775WA, CLP775WH, CLP785B, CLP785PE, CLP785PWH, CLP795GP, CLP795GPWH, CSP150B, CSP150PE, CSP150WH, CSP170B, CSP170PE, CSP170WH, CVP701B, CVP701PE, CVP705B, CVP705PE, CVP709B, CVP709B, CVP709GPWH, CVP709PE, CVP709PWH, CVP805B, CVP805PE, CVP809B, CVP809GP, CVP809GPWH, CVP809PE, CVP809PWH, DGX230, DGX530, DGX650B, DGX650WH, DGX660B, DGX660WH, F02, H01AG, H01DB, H01VR, H11AG, H11DB, H11VR, KBP1100, KBP2100, P105B, P105WH, P115B, P155S, P255B, P255WH, P45B, P515B, P515WH, P71B, YDP103B, YDP103R, YDP141, YDP142B, YDP142R, YDP143B, YDP143R, YDP143WH, YDP144B, YDP144R, YDP144WH, YDP162B, YDP162PE, YDP162R, YDP163B, YDP163R, YDP163WA, YDP163WH, YDP164B, YDP164R, YDP164WA, YDP164WH, YDP181, YDP181, YDPS30, YDPS30C, YDPS31, YDPS31C, YDPS34B, YDPS34WA, YDPS34WH, YDPS51B, YDPS51WH, YDPS52B, YDPS52WH, YDPS54B, YDPS54WH, YDPV240, YPG235, YPG535.