The FDA doesn't say anything about heavy legs-but people that have severe damage get heavy legs. I'm getting a little better. The owners finally paid attention when their pit bulls were crying and being torn up. Everybody says that it doesn't help after damage is done-but I seem to be getting some relief from it-If I forget to take it-the creepy skin starts again. The important thing is to lower your cholesterol by eating fresh vegetables and fruit. Pain in my legs . Use olive oil and sunflower oil. What's bad is that everybody complains that it seems to go into old injuries-surgery sites, etc.and create great pain. That's rare, but a series of surgery on the limbs to carve the muscle out and vein surgery does happen to some thyroid patients. I felt pretty good after a couple of weeks off of them, but when i do anything physical like walking, the muscles in my legs have such pain. Real tender too. (My doc would not believe that statins cause these issues (he has been brainwashed by big Pharma). She is now on LEVAQUIN 500mg everyday for 10 days however she says she feels WEAKNESS in her legs and from her waist down she feel like a TINGLING SENSATION/SENSITIVE TO TOUCH when we returned from the ER i guess she was so WEAK & while climbing our ramp to get into the house she fell and hit her head! They gradually caused me to have numbness and stinging burning pain in my feet so much so it has affected my balance. The doctors say it's good that I stopped right away-and my urine stopped being black. If statin levels increase, you are more likely to have muscle-related side effects. 4 some reason it penetrates deeper into the muscles and does more damage. I used to walk every single day and have been healthy all my life. I love this man, but he is stubborn. That's really too bad and shows how quick one needs to respond to muscle pain. I can hardly walk and have Achilles Heel issues in left foot and beginning to have feet issues with the right. Consume milk thistle herb in tablet form to help flush out statins. Side effects of Statins, particularlyMuscle pain, I don't know if you will see this because it was back in 2011. ny & all of you that have had problems with the statins no matter the brand, should report it to the FDA immediately, as this is their only tool to get these drugs off the market. What good is your life if you can't move!!! It's permenent-I always hurt. Thank you Sarina--I'm Emailing my doctor. Pharmaceutical medications that lower the levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) in your body are called statins. Preferably not at all.. How do you know it is the statins that is causing the pain in your body? This am, I didn't have foot cramps, but I've been having foot and leg cramps off and on, and my calves are pretty much cramped. I thought well, why not. Could even be heart related. So my dogs sat until their walker was bit. That's why the docs say to get off of it right away. It was the statin with olefactory hallucinations. I just can't believe they let this stuff stay on the market. By employing a few strategies, you can effectively flush out the remnants of statins from your body. So my question is how long does it take the SIMVA to leave her body after taking it for 5 years. Available for Android and iOS devices. I tried statins to get my cholesterol down, crestor, simvastatin, lipitor, pravastatin, all gave me stiff achey legs, worse than they normally are. The fatigue and maliase is much improved. your right about the cramping and headaches also. Now when I get pain I throw up. I feel better now than I have in 20 years! gramma71. Oh, hon, I am so sorry. My dogs were walking on a loose leash, the Stoner was baying a challenge to all other dogs-that he can kill a mountain lion-and he'd take them on too. I have one last suggestion. it was the other dogs blood on mine. I just had a feeling-and drove to check. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Wish there were more people like you. Listen to your twin girl! I am now taking losartan and simvastatin for my high blood pressure. I've really been nauseous for the last 2 days, which leads to dehydration. I also thought that my battery was boiling and that I was smelling the sulfuric acid. Sorry to hear that. I still have high cholesterol levels and I now take a vitamin called Cholest-off which are plant things of some sort. Hi Meyati. I am waking up in severe pain in my legs and the pain on my stomach skin is excruciating. I've really been nauseous too. I decided to stop taking statins. He got off statins, and he's practicing medicine again, but he's all crippled up from statin. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 2 Nov 2020), Cerner Multum™ (updated 2 Nov 2020), ASHP (updated 23 Oct 2020) and others. I found out today that simivastatin stays in the system longer than other brands-longer half life-and it penetrates the muscles deeper. So sorry to hear all that. Try taking Vitamin C 1000mg a day & 250mg of magnesium & see if that helps. Eat one to two servings of artichokes on a daily basis. This vegetable contains a powerful phytochemical called cynarin that may strengthen and protect your liver to help eliminate the remnants of statins from your body. I finally got hold of someone that called my doctor and sent him the proper paper work. The statin blew both of my tendons. Frank Dioso is a trained medical technologist working for prominent research institutions such as Quest Diagnostics and California Clinical Trials. I have been off the statin for a month and seeing a little improvement, but not much. I'm trying to do some exercises-stretches to keep my body from crumpling up. GO VEGAN! Now I can't tell what is my fibromyalgia or from the statins that I repeatedly had problems with.Thanks for your efforts. My doctor kept filling out papers, calling HMO supervisors. I'd sweat from pain-even collapse-but now I throw up and dehydrate-thank you modern medicine and FDA. fmp6954, of all the posts here from people struggling to get a grip on this issue, it is evident that the ONE proven solution was hidden in your post. They're so happy, but they stand at a corner and look towards a paved trail that's over a mile away- we used to walk there 3 times a week. I'd sweat from pain-even collapse-but now I throw up and dehydrate-thank you modern medicine and FDA. Now it is 2018. I really don't think anyone knows what is really happening! I was in the hospital for a week in May of 2010 and had two stents put in. Because I have thyroid trouble, the muscles can close in on the blood vessels in different places. A person should be able to pick their own poison-everything has good and bad-works good for some-is detrimental to others. For statins to clear your body, it takes about 2 weeks.My husband was on Lipitor and started to get pains in all his body.We finally suspected it was the Lipitor.He went off it and felt better in a week and pretty good in two weeks. to get something for nausea. It took 90 days for me. What bothers me is that I take an anti-cramp/spasm medication for my spastic stomach. i appreciatte your tips. I have been on simvastatin for a long time I became a Vegan and after 6 months my Cholesterol dropped to 76 bad cholesterol dropped to 30 so I stopped taking statins altogether it has been a month now and no effect no pain no problems for those people who are have nausea try ginger tea or peppermint oil a couple drops on a cotton ball and just sniff it nausea goes away for pain use … My specialist has been trying to recover from statins for about 5 years. still having problems and have been off of them for a month. Just curious as to what your cholesterol level was. "Plus" a sever effect on my short term memory, after having a RCA stent put in march of this year and my doctor doubled the dose to 20 mg. My cholesterol situation is heredity, so I'm looking into alternative MED's or solutions. In June they decided that if you take statin- you have increased chances of falling. Pour boiling water on your lemons to kill off bacteria because the lemons won’t be peeled. My diet is already in good form and one less thing I need to consider. It added some, but they R watered down. I ice each leg 15 minutes four times a day after I do hamstring exercises. He's a good doctor and this is the lowest paying state for doctors-I'm thinking that he's planning on relocating. I just don't get any. It's periphial neuropathy that makes her skin and legs hurt into the hips. I was in agony with my Achilles tendons. Found out about statins- my doctor said stop immediately-no harm-no foul- in quitting suddenly. I am not a happy camper-- At least this stuff is on line for everybody now. A grandson comes over and mops. I kept smelling something rotten. Select one or more newsletters to continue.