The one I chose had brass bridge pieces, versus the steel saddles that were on my 6-piece bridge. Compensated saddle bridge is automatically compatible with the Parsons/Green, DoubleShot, Hipshot String Bender or behind the bridge tremolos. I always just left the bridge cover that came with my '69 Tele in the case. Hey guys I am putting original pickups back into my American Standard Tele 1995. These superior quality bridges have a stamped steel baseplate and brass saddles. Fortunately, several aftermarket manufacturers are making such bridges, including some that are designed to improve the intonation over an old-style Tele bridge. Oct 1, 2020 #1 Sep 21, 2020 #1. igorBG Tele-Holic. Think of all the bars you're band's played at that had neon signs, which tend to drive single coil pickups nuts. 3). Our vintage Telecaster® replacement bridges follow traditional bridge specifications for Telecaster® with a single coil bridge pickup. Help needed Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by igorBG, Sep 21, 2020. Discussion in ' Bad Dog Cafe ' started by Toto'sDad , Oct 1, 2020 . 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes. 6 Saddle bridge can be made for compatibility with these systems by selecting "Bender Ready". Joined: Dec 27, 2003 Location: Belgrade, Serbia. Installing American Standard Tele bridge pickup, no baseplate. But many Tele freaks prefer the tone of a classic 3-saddle bridge (why it sounds different from the 6-saddle bridge is another discussion), so rather than replace the entire assembly, enterprising players developed the tilt-compensated scheme (Fig. Tele Bridge (bottom View) 6 4 screws, ¾” Bridge Mounting Screws 7 1 Plate 1 plastic base 3/44 screws, 1 ” Neck Plate/mounting materials 8 6 Tuning Pegs 6 Washers 6 Nuts 6 screws, 3/8” Tuning Peg materials 9 Jack 4 screws, ½” Output Jack 10 2 Holders 2 plastic washers 2 screws, 1” My guess has always been that the bridge cover was for shielding too. Finally got around to installing a six saddle bridge on my AV 72 Tele Custom. But the normal Tele neck pickup has a chrome cover, which is probably for shielding. Age: 43 Posts: 713. Changing the bridge on a Telecaster is an easy operation, requiring just a screwdriver.