Is My Pine Tree Dead? Brown needles are dead needles. If there is no new growth showing and the pine needles are brown, the tree is most likely dead. How can I tell if my mature pine trees are dormant or dead? They recently lost their needles after turning brown in July/August. How to Tell If an Evergreen Is Dead?. Dustin Barrett. The needles are still attached and rubbing … It was a nice shade of green up until the blistering heat and drought of August, and now is mostly brown. If the entire tree is covered in brown needles, the chances are that the pine is dying or already dead. By early-to-mid fall, the hatched beetles start feeding on tree stems, cutting off their water flow. How can i tell if my pine tree is dead? White pine weevils lay their eggs on a tree’s main branches in spring. They primarily target older or weakened trees. Bark beetles leave a yellow-to-brownish tint on tree crowns. So, if possible, leave a stressed tree alone. 3 years ago. Is my Pine tree dead? How to Save a Dying Evergreen Tree tree_care; Tree Care, Tree Diseases; Trees like all living things have a lifecycle. Evergreen trees are known for foliage that stays green all year. During that lifecycle, they may experience periods of growth, illness, infestation, severe weather, and a myriad of… If you’re positive that your tree is dead… I have a pine tree that was our old Xmas tree from last year. Trimming (opening a new wound) will force it to take more energy to heal itself. I CHECKED AND MY TREE IS DEAD. If brown needles are present in abundance, check the branches for new growth like needles and buds. One still has a few pine cones on it. You’ll also find sawdust on the bark and base of the tree. If your tree has significant stress, it’s more susceptible to pests and disease. I just moved into this house and the tree is looking pretty bad but I wan't to see if I can save it before I cut it down. I am trying to decide what to do with this pine tree. I cannot reach the branches. If they break quickly without arching, the branch is dead. If the tree has neither leaves nor buds, you may wonder: “is my tree dead or alive.” There are other tests you can do to tell should this be the case. Many pines suffered during the drought-like conditions that the Houston area, including Missouri City, experienced during the summer of 2009. Bend some of the smaller branches to see if they snap.