Ricotta … It’s great simply spread on the pizza like sauce for a white pie, but it’s also really awesome dolloped on a tomato sauce-based pizza … Bake for 30-45 minutes at 350 degrees until ricotta … You can also find it used in many other products, including Italian desserts such as cannoli. Cover with mushrooms, cheese and any other ingredients you might wish to add. Commonly used as a pizza topping and for lasagna and stuffed shells, ricotta cheese is an easily available cheese with a mild yet slightly sweet taste. Use toppings like sliced potatoes and peppers or ham and sausage. Ricotta. Creamy, mild ricotta works well on its own or in combination with gooey mozzarella. Mix eggs, seasoning and ricotta together and smooth into baking dish. Ricotta is the typical base cheese used for white sauce pizzas. Pour pizza sauce on top and spread evenly. Ricotta … This cheese also doesn’t blister easily, making it a great cheese for any pizza.