You will have to follow up since most of the time airlines transfer the refundable amounts to their credit shell and it takes time to get it transferred back to your account. but later on due to the floods in Kochi, i cancelled my booking myself and there was a cancellation charge of Rs. Could you let me know when did this happen? that issued the original ticket, Credit shells from different airlines cannot be combined, Credit shell cannot be exchanged for cash or a refund, Log in with the same email id you used for your previous Please help. Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it. So, airline will not tell this to us. We are an independent entity which provides information on airline travel to passengers. Therefore, please contact airline. So Now, how to take these 2 times ticket payment transfer back to my old account. DEAR SIR MY FLIGHT NO SG922 DATE 08SEP2018 TIME 11;25 PNR NO RBQS6D SAME MAJAR PROMBLE WAS I WAS CANCELL MY FLIGHT. However, if it was an agency which booked flights for you, you need to take help of that agency. Thanks and Regards. You need to contact the airline or the agency which booked ticket. Flight canceled to tecnical resion Please approach the agency or airline which booked it. There are other questions which are best taken up between you and airline directly as it would determine whether compensation is to be paid or not. At the time of the booking I had 6.5 hours to perform Kriya for my return flight. You can change itinerary using Manage MyBooking Tab in the Spicejet booking engine. If it is done through agency, please pursue matter with them since airline might have already given them and agencies do not give it to customers immediately. Mr. MANAURHUSSAIN Let me know when the amount will be refunded. Thank u, I have booked a ticket for 8/04/17 from Pune to Delhi and want to cancel the same ticket. Rs 2250 is ticket cancellation charge for all tickets, whether refundable or not. Airline will not give this information to us. Yesterday Air india flight had rescheduled the timing. ALONGWITH THEIR ALTERNATIVE OFFERS ? You can use the credit at a later date for a new booking, So, please get in touch with the agency who booked ticket. If you have 2 or more PNRs with a credit shell, you need to make BUT PL SIR REFUND ON MY A/C MY AIR TICKET IS ON LINE BOOKING PL SIR HELP ME. A credit shell (or flight/travel credit) is an open ticket, issued when an airline holds on to the booking amount in the form of credit. Only the person who booked the ticket has a right to know it. Refunds are not credited automatically. There is a ticket cancellation charge of Rs2500 but how much will be refunded back to you will be correctly told only by the entity which booked tickets, whether agents or airlines. However, in both cases, you will first have to raise a refund request with the agency or the airline. Airline will tell how much refund you will get back. Can i get my total refund?? Sir I have booked tickets on 28/07/18 for Delhi to bagdogra on 10/07/18 but unfortunately booking has been failed and ticket amount had deduct from my account it confirm by massage. That is why we have created a credit shell for all bookings which have been cancelled, valid for 1 year from … This cancellation charges is per sector per passenger. You will have to speak to airlines directly regarding this as the amount seemingly has gone into the credit shell. cancelled booking, Credit shell amount issued is equal to the airfare only, Credit shell may be redeemed in full, or partially, Credit shell must be used for a new booking with the airline WHETHER I HAVE TO CHECK IN ? I had cancelled a ticket from Jaipur to Dubai (PNR No. Sir please my ticket cancellation pnr no W5HY8S 20 the feb, i want ticket cancellation pnr no F8R88T. You will have to make a request for refunds and/or compensation. So is there by any chance that i can get the full refund. PNR : I3RF6V Regards, Have you raised a formal request for refunds after cancellation of ticket? Generally it takes about 10-15 days but that happens when you have not opted for keeping money in credit shell for future travel. Step 3: User to enter first & last name of the passenger(s) same as present in the old booking. I request you to please refund me the money. You will have to contact the airline or the agency with which you booked ticket. view details Kindly clarify this. As tonight is being a lailatulqadhr night and a special religious night the prayers and functions could not be. second, my remaining refunded money is in the credit shell of spice jet and how can i get that money back into my bank account. If it is a non-refundable ticket, only some minor charges will be refunded. We are totally independent from the airline. Pleas suggest it will be refund or not. Arrives: Hyderabad, on Thursday 26/05/16 at 18:30 Hrs. passenger. Have booked 3 domestic tickets one week prior.. Transaction Summary 10-07-19. Please seek help from the entity which booked your ticket. You can cancel it under 'Manage Booking' tab. Hi, Contact the person who booked tickets. how can we get the refund, please advise. 8.I do not want credit shell and want my money back. For details please contact airline or agency which booked tickets. I have cancel my flight ticket on 27 OCT 2016 from delhi to udaipur, sill i am waitng from refund status . 5 kg of additional baggage allowance purchased if i cancel the ticket it will refund to me. will see that it is applied automatically. What compensation I should be allowed. Please let me know the how much I would get the refund for cancellation. What are the terms and conditions associated with a credit shell? So how much amount I will get refund or back please guide.Hope the best response. Please clarify at the earliest, PLease contact the airline in this respect. We are an independent website. Regards while redeeming a credit shell. Is there any compensation for this delay as I have to. However, if the ticket is non-refundable, all amount except certain taxes, duties or levies would be forfeited. Since you reached just in nick of time, you do not have a strong case. Today its saying in news that all spicejet flights has been cancelled so we will get our money refund or not.or there another choice. Ticket cancellation or changes to itinerary are allowed only up to 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Can you please check the status of this two cancelled PNR to confirm what going on with the refund. Can you please assist me with the process of requesting a refund on that? If it is the latter case, then ask them to refund it back to your account (which you used for making the payment). How many days it usually takes to get the money credited back. So, you shall also contact the airline to release the money from the credit shell. You can claim compensation if not interested in flying with the airline again and want to book fresh tickets. Hyderabad, If it has been transferred to the credit shell, it shall be asked to be released to your account.