Here are a few points to keep in mind though. my smoker is a smoke hollow. A Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is like a magnet, drawing in your friends and family with the goodness of slow-cooking. … yes if you extend the mounting pipe to increse the distance you can get temps down i have about 6inch extension on mine and get 80-85 degrees. Most people are either using a section of dryer vent pipe between the smoker and cold smoker to cool the smoke down. If you’ve been lucky enough to have invested in a Masterbuilt smoker already, then you definitely know how delectable and yummy a variety of smoked meats are. If I turned up the internal temp to generate smoke the brats would cook in a half hour, thus no smoke flavor. Don’t know for sure but: you cant get parts for it even the heat coil and if heat coil goes out its trash. i have used frozen gel packs,but 2 2gal bottles of frozen water work better for roh schinken Smoker cookers have become more and more popular over recent years as people realize that they can easily learn to smoke their own meats from home. The gravity feed mechanism works very well to keep any wood chips from burning constantly. First I'd like to say that I have been smoking for about 4 years, I cure and smoke my own bacon and Canadian bacon along with all kinds of other meats and poultry. You will require two plug-ins for BBQ, one for a digital smoker, and one for cold smoking. I am pretty sure that manufacturers like Char-Broil, Bradley, and Smokehouse can offer decent selections to you. Whether you are making beef jerky, or smoking some fish or sausage, the Masterbuilt 20070112 cold smoking kit will that wonderful aroma permeating from the smoker while making your gathering something to be talked about. This digital smoker is more than three feet high with over 900 square inches of cooking capacity, which you can still increase by adjusting the smoking racks. Yes, the cold smoker can smoke cheese, if outside temp. I do not see an issue here at all. Some customers would have preferred to have a stand available for this unit to make it easier to use. Fits on any Masterbuilt digital electric smoker, Excellent for curing and cold smoking various foods, Comes with an easy to use wood chip system, The Masterbuilt cold smoking kit is well built for great smoke delivery. I will be buying the cold smoker . Because an ordinary electric smoker will only hot smoke your food, you need a separate attachment if you want to do cold smoking. But that’s just my humble opinion, or if you will guess. Whether you are making beef jerky, or smoking some fish or sausage, the Masterbuilt 20070112 cold smoking kit will that wonderful aroma permeating from the smoker while making your gathering something to be talked about. You will have to keep an eye on the fuel and remember to refill the tank. This slow smoking at a low temperature is excellent for curing food. It can use chips, or pellets. All Things you Need to Know To Choose The Best Grill Mats, Guide to Choose the Best Grill Light For Night Time BBQ, Pellet Smokers & Grills: Buying Guide and Reviews To Help You Elevate The Meat Game, What Is The Best Smoker Box For A Gas Grill? Does anyone know if this cold smoker attachment can be used as a universal cold smoker for smokers that ARE NOT Masterbuilt brand? A Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is like a magnet, drawing in your friends and family with the goodness of slow-cooking. This review is for the Masterbuilt Cold Smoking Kit. [su_note]A Cold Smoker Kit would make the perfect gift for any Masterbuilt smoker owner! Plus, you can smoke other things that you wouldn’t be able to in the hot smoker such as cheeses. This particular unit will fit onto any Masterbuilt Digital Electric smoker by attaching easily to the wood chip loading port of the smoker itself. Hot smoking is different in that it both smokes and cooks the food at the same time. It is also suitable for flavoring chicken breasts, beef, salmon or pork. Like the comments about extending the “pipe” to get the temp down. It can smoke your favorite food continuously for up to 6 hours (6 hours is what’s advertised – we found it to be closer to 5 or 5 1/2 hours). is not too warm, (try a frozen milk jug In smoker to keep inside temp, down, don’t turn on the large smoker box, let the heating element in the cold smoker be the only thing turned on. Other than that though it’s pretty good value for money and is a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy their smoked foods – in my opinion you’re missing out if you don’t have it. The popularity of smoked meats is ever-growing, and having your own smoker cooker in your backyard makes it easy to enjoy it yourself any time you like. This Masterbuilt electric smoker is only compatible with digital smokers. With its, This is a great improvement compared to other smoker kits that are difficult to control in terms of smoke and temperature. Masterbuilt offers smokers that are fueled in four different ways: propane, electric, charcoal, or pellets.. Propane: The flavor from a propane smoker is a little tastier than an electric smoker, but not as robust as charcoal or wood pellets. Hi Before, I had to add chips every hour, with the cold smoker, I can smoke up to 12 hours without adding chips, or pellets. Thread in 'General Discussion' Thread starter Started by 92kx250922, Start date Nov 22, 2012; Nov 22, 2012 #1 92kx250922 Newbie. Similar to the traditional hot smoking, cold smoking is just done without heat. [su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-down” icon_color=”#cc081d”]. So now you know a little bit more but have no actual demonstrable example that really answers your question; you’ll have to figure it out on your own, whatever you do just be safe. As a result, the burner would not come on, hence no smoke. It may add about 45 minutes or so of smoke; is the smoke/time gain worth it to you? You can also add ice to a pan below the cheese to cool it even more. Based on the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker reviews here, you can see that their devices offer ergonomics and functionalities that you need for an electric smoker. Aside from the few shortcomings, the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Kit is a great addition to any Masterbuilt smoker owner’s BBQ arsenal. Don’t understand why you would have the smoker plugged in if you are cold smoking. The cold smoke box itself has vastly enhanced the potential of my masterbilt electric smoker. [easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B008DF6WWE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bbqfocus05-20″ width=”292″]. That means you can’t cure meats or smoke foods such as cheese or salmon. This shows that the smoker gives plenty of smoke with very little waste, making an even better value for your money. It uses regular wood chips and provides a continuous feed wood chip system. It is advised that you use a heavy duty extension cord with this device so that this issue can be alleviated. Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Unit Review – Is It Worth The Money? The electric cold smoker is a small unit that attaches to the Masterbuilt electric smoker. They stated that for the money this is a cheap smoker and well worth purchasing. They loved how well built this device was and that it was everything which was advertised to them. Although overall happy with this smoker attachment, some people found that in order to get the amount of smoke they needed, they had to periodically shake up the chip bin so that the wood chips settled more to the bottom.