Mole on the Jupiter Mount: Such people are crooked and deceitful and they suffer loss in business. The mount of Venus is an area related to the person’s family and the condition of this mount describes the relationship the person has with their family. Moles on hand. There are a few places where a presence of a mole gives important signals. These moles can be either dark or light, depending on the impact in life, and their appearances and positions may vary from person to person. Those with a mole on palm are thoughtful and calculate precisely. We need to do the remedy for it at the earliest otherwise it will give negative results in our life. Very lucky hand bhagyauday@35 ? If it is flat on the hand, the mount of Moon becomes negative in the sphere of love, duty and social life. 5.Mole on Rahu Mount: Such persons make huge money loss in young age. Mole on the Mount of Venus on the right hand or on the same thing. Just for example a person may be a very good actor with grace and beauty but his sexuality could have a question mark. Moles on the left hand are not that effective. To find each other, they took the mole on palm as the keepsake. 6.Mole on Ketu Mount: The childhood of such persons is full of problems. The qualities of Venus can go both ways in a positive or a negative way. 4. ... Mole on the mount … This feature is not available right now. The lovers of previous life promised to continue their relationship in this life. Black ane Dark Mole Til on Venus Mount. The mount of Moon is related with faculties of imaginative nature, therefore the mount of Moon indicates poetry, romance, emotional temperament, travel etc. If a mole on the right palm of someone overlaps with the mole on the left palm of another person, they are the lovers of previous life. Mole on the Sun Mount: Person do a malicious work and his prestige may be degraded in society. It is indicative of the person having significant qualities of Venus mount. The persons having well marked mount of luna have strong and decided views. It is believed, for example, that if the Fate line starts from the Venus mount, the person’s parents and family in general are somehow influencing and supporting the … 3. We often see the black dot or mole on the palm of a person. It is a negative indication and is unauspicious. Some of these moles have permanent effect and … The right hand is current and if it does not have a mole, then it shows that the behavior has changed which has caused the mole to not appear, hence, the significance of the mole … Try to understand what Ketu does to your life. Moles on fingers, body and face: There are different types of Til (moles) found in palms like white, red, yellow, dark red, blue, brown, black, etc. As per Indian astrology/palmistry, there are two planets, which are not actually planets but shadow and one is head and the other is rest of the body & tail. "A black mole", means something dark is about to approach you, a problem maybe, "on mount of sun" but its close to the light, the solution is there youll just have to open your eyes and look for it around you. Please try again later. These have varying size (some large and some small). That’s why mount of moon carries a greater space on the hand next to the mount of Venus because it is the imagination which has helped the person to innovate and create new products and services,writers and directors coming up with spectacular story lines and mind boggling films etc.