Such a person will not have many friends or relations. not the front side but the back side. Additionally, they go through some problem regarding their assets. If the mole is on the mount of Moon, then it causes weakness to the mind. very very good i have a red dot on second phalanx of middle finger in both hands and my relationship is weak and i guess i have anemia eaither ... but the dot in active hand is shorter because i tried a little to solve these two problems during my life I've had it since childhood. Such individuals are not interested in studies. If the mole on the upper Mars area is red, then it shows that one may not get love from siblings - due to whatever reasons. Such a person becomes concerned about money, which they shouldn't as a mole on this phalange ensures that one does not suffer from lack of money. This mole especially affects the love from siblings. Then, what do the moles on hand signify and imply in palmistry? It's a vipreet-rajyog sign. This mole shows a decrease in marital relationship or delays in getting married. There may be losses in long distance travels or some delays in opportunities to travel. DISCLAIMER: Our intentions behind this blog is to offer anyone the chance to learn a bit of astrology whereby they can improve their lives. "There may be some problem due to one's child." The mole here will usually be very light. There may also be a tendency towards diabetes in such individuals. This mole also shows a decreased love from one's guru or decreased devotion to one's guru., Astrological and Ayurvedic Tips on Getting Pregnant, Effects of Solar Eclipse on all Astrological Signs. Also, the individual should be careful when driving as it shows that one can get into a major accident due to rash driving. This mole is a cause of major Vaani-dosh and it can cause your teacher and even your wife to distance themselves from you. These moles will ensure that you will be able to influence others with your thought process and get ahead in life regardless of your situation in life. A right-hand tub is a reference to the faucets being on the right hand side. my friend have had a sex that was before he really need ...then two red spot appears below Saturn (one of them is almost between Saturn and sun ) i guess it weakened his body so if he had a child the child will be weak. Good luck moles - Mole in center of palm is considered auspicious. A well-defined mole on the back of hand belongs to those who are good at managing money matters and grasp the family economic power in marriage as they are highly possessive. Red and black colored moles may show some weakness or obstacle. This mole can result in fights with your partner or you may get transferred to another place due to work or some any other reason which causes you to be away from your partner. Like they always say, don't think of negative things because their insignificant. One may even need to mortgage one's property to repay some debt, but ultimately the debt does get repaid. It will be a very light mole that may first show up as a spot. very good A mole just at the base of Mars makes one less focused and causes one to be away from one's family. The right hand is current and if it does not have a mole, then it shows that the behavior has changed which has caused the mole to not appear, hence, the significance of the mole is nil. Such people should not eat much sugar and should make sure that Kapha does not increase in their bodies. You will need to improve your breathing technique and also pay attention to your eyes. There may also be pain the back and hormonal problems in such individuals.