The max temps for hihglands or the temps that you should provide your plant for better growth would be around 85F-80F The max temps for lowland nepenthes is 90F, or about there. 7 posts; 7 posts; Bicalcarata care #115497. I thought it might be the end. Literature Reviews and Discussion . Moderator: Matt. N. ventricosa, Alaskan windowsill Nepenthes: A Testamant to Endurance. AIPC (Associazione Italiana Piante … It is fascinating to watch each new pitcher develop with more details and size than the previous one, as no two species or hybrids look alike. The shape of the small pitchers resemble N. bicalcarata with the striping of N. spectabilis. N. bicalcarata is a real tropical plant (ultra lowland Nepenthes) Whatever the clone, you need - as already said by fltropical - ALWAYS between 25 - 35°c. Bicalcarata care. Light intensity may also be a factor for species that normally grow in full sun. General CP discussions. I'm debating growing this plant outdoors, … Admin Only. By December 2009, it was unable to adapt well enough to my rugged, cold and dim Alaskan window sill. Basically the higher the humidity and temperature the more species that will do well. ICPS, CPN, and Forum Management. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. Here is what I grow as windowsill plants: Nepenthes aristolochioides Nepenthes bicalcarata (Germinated from seed May 04) Nepenthes hamata (Borneo Exotics clone) Nepenthes Marbled Dragon (N. maxima - dark x N. truncata) (Exotica hybrid) Nepenthes rafflesiana Nepenthes rajah Nepenthes x Rokko clone A x Nepenthes hamata (Germinated from seed June 05) My Grow List … Drosera VZW. National and Local Carnivorous Plant Societies and Forums. Deleted Threads. February of … I would treat this hybrid as a lowlander to an intermediate. With over 120 species and 1500 hybrids of Nepenthes known there are lots of possibilities. In the wild, hollow tendrils of Nepenthes bicalcarata are home to a unique species of carpenter ant, Camponotus schmitzi.. Frederick William Burbidge first noted the unique relationship in 1880. This is the healthy and awesome Nepenthes ventricosa on the day that I received it from on May 30th, 2009. Nepenthes are amazing and rewarding plants to grow, In a Greenhouse, in an Terrarium or on the windowsill, there is something for everyone. It seems the N. bicalcarata influence of higher temperatures surpasses that of the highlander influence of N. spectabilis for this specimen. Window Sill Garden Which Nepenthes you can grow very much depends on temperature and humidity in the house. But it did start the basal. Carnivora. The purpose of these fangs is questionable, but may serve to guide nectar-seeking insects directly over the pitcher mouth where they can easily fall into the fluid below. ICPS Information. Generally lowland, partial … The sturdy pitchers bear two fangs which protrude from beneath the lid, giving this plant a fearsome appearance. Description. News and Views. Windowsill neps. In 1904, Odoardo Beccari hypothesized that there was a give-and-take relationship with the ants with some feeding on prey caught by bicalcarata, and some falling prey to the plant. Some grow large, others stay small, some are easy to grow and other take a bit more specific care. Description: A large and unusual species from the peat swamps of northwestern Borneo. Introductions. I should have no problems growing this as a windowsill plant until it gets too large for the sill. Forum Rules and Forum Feedback. The mites sink in.. dmagnan wrote:2. By ... For a Lowland nepenthes, cold is temps below about 60F i would say. Nepenthes.