1. In open organizations, leaders tend to emphasize individuals' ability to take charge of their own careers through initiative and proactivity (rather than waiting to be given an opportunity). And still you may find great leadership examples from those long gone and far away. Today, I want to look at 7 people who exemplified great leadership. Decisiveness. Empathy, for example, helps leaders understand how their team feels about their workload, environment and workplace relationships. Here is a list of must-have leadership skills that may prove valuable to anyone applying for work or looking to advance in a career: 1. 8. Many leaders have an open door policy, but there is a difference between having an open door and people actually walking inside. The following examples not only relate to leadership but also supervision, managerial style, caring about direct reports, command skills, confronting direct reports, delegation skills, developing direct reports, fairness to direct reports, managerial courage, managing measurable work and generally being an exceptional leader. The relevant information should also take into consideration, possible disputes and also the weaknesses. Effective leaders are those who can make decisions quickly with the information they have. Image by Vinoth Chandar. Transformational. The challenge that most leaders face is that they’re so bogged down by their daily demands and urgent deadlines that they can’t get above the fray to look at things from a broader, more open-minded perspective. Paying attention may sound obvious, but when you get this wrong, you actively discourage open communication. Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs has to mandatorily be one of the names in the most iconic transformational leaders the world has ever seen. Elements of transformational leaderships. Related: How to Demonstrate Leadership Skills at Work. In fact, despite the prevalence of Facebook and Twitter, videos of some of the greatest leadership speeches are still immensely popular. His passion for perfection, simplicity and … Here are 10 examples of fantastic, motivational speeches that will show you why. Introduction to the opening statement First of all, start the opening statement with an introduction […] Example: The leader of a weekly meeting recognized that an hour out of everyone’s schedule once a week did not justify the purpose of the meeting. Even small signs can help to show people that you want to hear what they have to say. The open-minded leaders’ unique perspective helps them and their teams adapt fluidly to the forces around them rather than being caught off guard by unwelcome surprises. Jim Sinegal, Former CEO of Costco – He’s been declared a man of the people. An opening statement is vital for a successful trial and should include an introduction, the main body comprising all the relevant information and finally a conclusion. To increase efficiency, she changed the meeting to a 15-minute standup with only those she had updates for. Return to blog home . Granted, they may not have always been great, but they did lead greatly for at least a time. The world may be dominated by social media these days, but we should never underestimate the power of a great speech.. Examples of Transformational Leadership And Leaders Let us now look at a few examples of transformational leadership in the world and see how leaders functioned.