A thumb stud on each side helps with folding the knife. To me, the Opinel No. It’s one of Kershaw’s most popular knives and comes in a variety of colors. Best High Value Knives. 6 also come in a variety of different editions, with handles made from horn or polymer, and various extra features like thumb-hole openers and serrated edges. This Opinel pocket knife only weighs about 1.6 ounces, and it’s about 7.6 inches long when in use. It always brings that dilemma of investing in a new fancy one that you risk losing or opting for a cheap one that’s likely to disappoint. 8. And due to the tiny size, this knife won’t show in your pocket. Users like the quality, durability, and ease of use. It has a bi-directional texture that reduces slippage, and the front protrudes a bit to prevent your hand from slipping onto the blade. A firm back lock mechanism ensures that the blade stays straight when it’s open. The most popular Opinel pocket knife is the No. The blade consists of Japanese VG-10 stainless steel with a reinforced tip. Opinel Pocket Knife Review: Is It the Best Camping Knife? Known for their inexpensive, simple, wood handled knives, Opinel has remained a fixture in the knife world for over a hundred years. The blade slot in the handle is very snug, and the nail nick is small. It’s seen a few significant revisions over the years, and we’re now looking at the fourth generation. While it’s no penny knife, it’s rather affordable. So, it’s just above eight inches long when open, and five inches when closed. There’s no assisted opening mechanism. 8, but most details apply to all models, other than the size. These locking knives utilize a simple ring lock to keep the blade open. Opinel No6 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Beechwood Handle. It’s easy to sharpen, especially if it’s a carbon steel model. This Sandvik 14C28N steel blade can hold its edge for a very long time. A minimal varnish reduces slippage. What I really like is how the light wooden handle makes the knife float in water. The handle has a thumb ramp with ridges for extra grip and a small blade guard. It goes through rope, wood, and rubber hoses with ease. These locking knives utilize a simple ring lock to keep the blade open. If you need fine cuts, you’ll have to sharpen the blade. While camping, you can use it for countless things, including carving wood and field-dressing wild game. The latest iteration has the ability to be locked shut, which this particular knife lacks, but I … Some find it a bit clunky for everyday carry, and some say the clip may come off. Both ways are quick, easy, and safe. The blade is long enough for most purposes, but the knife is small and light enough to carry in your pocket everywhere you go. The belt clip can help hold it in place in your pocket or even inside your clothes. The Emerson hook is the closest thing, but you also get a thumb hole for easier manual flipping. This gardening knife has less of a pronounced curve so that you can use it for several different tasks. These knives are offered in either high carbon or stainless steel blade mated to a beechwood handle. The No. You can also adjust the clip to your liking. Their Number 8 is probably their most iconic knife and we have reviewed that one. However, it’s a tiny button, so you need to practice if you want consistent quick openings. It’s also very sharp out of the box. Opinel’s Virobloc safety ring isn’t an essential feature, but it adds some extra safety and reliability by locking the blade into a fully open or fully folded position. Most of the information comes from Amazon customer reviews. That way, you can easily open it with one hand without any special moves. The knife weighs 3.6 ounces. The four smallest models don’t have a safety ring, but you can get them with a key ring attachment. Buyers say it stays sharp and cuts like more expensive knives. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The original Spyderco Endura from the 1980s was one of the first lightweight pocket knives with a belt clip. Vasque Hiking Boots Review: Are These the Best Boots for You? The blade is stable and doesn’t wiggle at all. The blade is long enough for most purposes, but the knife is small and light enough to carry in your pocket everywhere you go. You can also set the carrying clip into four different positions, which lets you carry it facing up or down on either side of your body. Required fields are marked *. 7 carbon-steel folding knife. If you’re like me, you’ve lost a couple of folding knives, both cheap and expensive ones. You can also open it with a hard push on the thumb stud. The blade isn’t as sharp as that of the Opinel pocket knife though. In that case, the Endura 4 or Leek are better choices. The Carbone version isn’t as suitable since carbon steel is prone to rust. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. An ideal collection for making the most of nature and everything it has to offer. It’s ideal for campers, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. Other than the clip and assisted opening mechanism, it’s a lot like the Opinel pocket knife. Stainless versions use Swedish high-grade Sandvik 12C27 steel. If you’re looking for something with all the bells and whistles, this isn’t it. That’s almost twice as heavy as the Opinel pocket knife No. 8 is about 4.4 inches long and typically consists of French beech wood. So let’s compare it to the Smith & Wesson SWA24S, Spyderco Endura 4 Emerson, and Kershaw Leek. With a variety of sizes all featuring the same trusty design and abilities, it’s hard to go wrong with an Opinel pocket knife. Carbone models have X90 high-carbon steel blades.