I prefer a more mellow sound, myself, so I’m tempted to go with the add-on of the Supernylagut, but would love to hear from someone who has already swapped. Although I’ve never owned a fully plastic ukulele before I’ve played my fair share that were partially plastic and generally I’ve liked them. Consequently, it is perfect for solo playing. I own a carbon tenor model, which I bought to be resistant to my grandchildren. I purchased a tenor Blackbird ukulele for my 6 year old daughter and I to learn to play on before hearing about Outdoor Yukulele. Occasionally I can find a 2XL glove to fit my big fingers. I’m most comfortable with a 1 3/4″- 1 7/8″nut. Moreover, synthetic bone nut and saddle accompanies it to keep the Aquila Nylgut strings in place. I really like the neck on the Outdoor – for the main part it’s rounded but it has a flat area on the back too. Been seeing these pop up. The larger size gives your fingers the ample space to maneuver on. All the way from Bend, Oregon the Outdoor Ukulele Tenor is a take-anywhere polycarbonate ukulele. I really do like this ukulele. In the hands the polycarbonate feels pretty good, there’s a texture to it that stops your hands slipping around when playing and it’s got a nice weight to it too. However, the Rosewood Bridge and fingerboard should make playing as comfortable as it can get. Moreover, the fretboard is of premium rosewood, which will provide you with the smoothest platform your fingers wander on. Well, this is actually a critical question. If we have to specify a single brand, then it will be tough for us. In short, it is a tenor ukulele under $500 that you are finding. In terms of the tenor for size, you will probably have a better idea than I do as you already have a tenor. $419.00 New. LANIKAI Acst-5cet Acacia Solid Top 5 String Cutaway Electric Tenor Ukulele W Bag. 4. I’d be curious about the tabs for this. Best Tenor Ukulele in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide, Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle from Lohanu (LU-T), Donner Tenor Ukulele DUT-1 26 inch Ukulele Kit, Tenor Ukulele Bundle, Deluxe Series by Hola! Cheers! Want to get yourself seen and your ukulele heard? May 1, 2014. When the baritone outdoor ukulele comes out I’m assuming it would have bigger string spacing than the tenor? I had a few reservations about the hollow neck before it arrived in terms of how rigid or it may or may not be but I’ve not seen anything to concern me in the time that I’ve owned it. May 1, 2014. Here’s my verdict…. S p 3 o n s F B K T o r O e 4 2 6 P F d. Kmise Tenor Ukulele … I’ve had mine for around a month now. Hey Kevin, you’re right I was playing Oxgene Part IV by Jean-Michele Jarre. Moreover, the premium Italian Aquila Strings with the high precision die-cast machine heads chrome plated and black rubber pegs, assure tuning ease. The Outdoor Ukulele. The Outdoor is pretty indestructible so if you are bringing it to class then I think it should stand up to anything that might come it’s way. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots Ukulele Lesson, Changing Fingering For Faster Chord Changes. Much like all the plastic ukuleles that I’ve played so far, the sound has surprised me. We are now using a solid Flourocarbon string, and I will send you a new set. It delivers the same sweet, traditional sound at a louder volume thanks to its size. Free USA Shipping. Therefore, the craftsmen have included a great tuner that pays a straightforward, quick, exact, and handy tuning method out of the box. Typically, this model of Martin Smith delivers a superb sound because it includes the quality strings, Sapele wood body, and metal gear heads. Thanks for this great review I have purchased a tenor for Norwegan skiing and summer beachtrips with surfers. I’m thinking of this for bringing to class (I teach high school English) so I can practice a bit during lunch and not worry if a kid wants to try it as opposed to bringing one of my two (I have a tenor fluke I LOVE and a baritone with Southcoast LowG Tenor (and tuned that way) strings and would not think of leaving either one of them at school or bringing one or the other every day, or even, so far, once. What I will say is, I’m not putting this split down to any issue with the Ry Rabbit strings, I think the string got a nick in it at some point. Hey Jim, I haven’t actually heard anything about a baritone outdoor other than Johnathan’s comment on this post. It’s kind of clicky – sound is always difficult to describe but it’s quite punchy. It is another ukulele for beginners as it not only ensures entry-level quality but also saves cost offering accessories generously. Also is the tenor too large for 6 year old size fingers? Moreover, you should also consider the sound of the wood helps to create. Moreover, you won’t regret the price you pay for the accessories as it’s quite negligible, and there will be no guilt for not being the best musician with such a great ukulele. Same chicka chicka sound, just not nearly as bright now. It’s a shame the string broke but it gives me chance to try something else out! Oscar Schmidt Ou28t Mahogany Tenor 8 String Ukulele. Featuring tips, chords, worksheets & more! Regarding the nut, there shouldn’t be an issue – Outdoor actually sell low G strings on their site. Kala Ka-ktg Hawaiian Koa Gloss Series Tenor Ukulele… 4. However, choosing the best tenor ukes from such a wide variety available in the market is both stressful and exhausting. The Rye Rabbits are better than I expected them to be but the sound seems to fall away a little – again I’m not 100% sure if this is down to the strings or not. UPDATE: The eagle eyed among you will see that my Rye Rabbit A string has split – and wouldn’t you know it happened just before I started taking the photos. Godin MultiUke. Prefer to have her walking around outside with the Outdoor Yukulele. That’s to say that the Donner DUT-1 Tenor Ukulele Kit eliminates all worries by giving an affordable and high-quality ukulele. On this point, it’s important to know that various things have been improved on the tenor model over the previously released soprano – the neck receiving the most attention and for me it’s great to know that Outdoor are listening to their audience. It’s easily done, and whilst i’ve never had this issue with genuine Seaguar, I have known others who ended up with the counterfeit stuff too. Above all, tenor ukuleles are the third largest among the concert, soprano, and baritone ukuleles based on its size. Classical Guitar Ukulele Gig Bag(Concert, Tenor) for Outdoor Travel Carry. I would be wicked to have a uke to take in the ocean/on the canoe without worry. One last comment. So, the player who prefers higher volume chooses it. Likewise, the high-gloss finish with the cream binding gives this ukulele an elegant look that will make people stare at it a little longer. For the perfect structure and great appearance among the tenor ukuleles, we add the Enya EUT-M6 Cutaway Uke to the list. But they feel worried to purchase due to the high prices. After that, it is also a good tenor ukulele under 300 dollars that you will get. The Outdoor Ukulele™ is an American made composite polycarbonate instrument developed for backpacking, camping, and traveling. The construction of this ukulele is really good, you can see a lot of thought and attention has gone into the design.