Sesame-Lime Rice. Parboiled rice is used to make Idlis, Dosa, Adai, Moong Dal dosa, barley idli. This Mexican rice is cooked with onion powder, garlic powder, and tomato sauce for an easy side dish. Start cooking. Add green bell pepper, red bell pepper, or fresh tomato to the rice before simmering for extra flavor and color, according to your family's taste. Our recipes, for white rice, brown rice, black rice, and wild rice, add more flavor to the plate and soak up any delicious juices left behind. 102 Comments. 42 Parboiled rice recipes | Indian Ukda Chawal recipes. Rice Side Dish Recipes Pilaf Cashew Raisin Rice Pilaf Cashew Raisin Rice Pilaf. Parboiled rice is an excellent type of rice to store for long-term storage. Garlic Butter Rice is the perfect side for any meal. Rating: 4.57 stars 130 Ratings. Pin Recipe; Jump to Recipe ; This post may contain affiliate links. A little nutty and a touch citrusy, this rice side is the perfect accompaniment for an Asian-inspired main dish. Please read my disclosure policy. Parboiled rice is healthier than white rice and combines well with a pulse to make a complete protein. Use chicken stock in place of water for even more savory flavor. Leftover parboiled rice is nice to have on hand because, again, it doesn’t become mushy and can be added to other recipes or reheated as a side dish. Our recipes include pictures, are easy to follow, and can be saved to your recipe box. Find recipes with rice and grain at Taste of Home!