Fax: +357 22509530 TMLS has proven experience in the ophthalmic laser industry and we are committed to deliver superior laser product development to our customers. Das Pascal ist eine abgeleitete SI-Einheit des Drucks sowie der mechanischen Spannung. Send us a message here and someone will be in touch with you soon Call us at 847-427-1234 or complete the form on this page. Our mission is to pursue excellence in quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer support services. z o.o. Email: kindergartenlar@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509210 2306 Lakatamia, Tel: +357 22509210 Contact Pascal Wines. Fax: +357 22509280 Fax: +357 22509250 Email: lefkosia.info@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509400Fax: +357 22509540Email: lemesos.info@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509300 Richard Pascall provides caring, empathetic and relaxing therapy for anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, phobias, OCD, anger management, couples, grief and weight issues Contact Me Home T: +48 61 654 37 60 F: +48 61 654 37 70 E: info@pascall.pl Please write only in Farsi, Arabic, or English. 7103 Aradippou, Tel: +357 22509270 Contact Us. Email: primarylar@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509000 Sie ist nach Blaise Pascal benannt und folgendermaßen definiert: Als Bezugswert für den Schalldruckpegel Lp = 0 dB (Dezibel) ist 20 µPa Schalldruck festgelegt und gilt als Hörschwelle. Endpoint Management is an optional upgrade to all Synthesis lasers. Pascall sp. Fax: +357 22509220 We are dedicated to working with eye care professionals to evolve standards of care and provide significant benefits to both physicians and patients. Nous envoyer un message Fax: +357 22509510 Ηλ. With innovative technology developed at Stanford University (and the former OptiMedica), the family of PASCAL Pattern Scanning Lasers provide improved performance for physicians and an enhanced therapeutic experience for patients - focused on safety, precision, treatment speed and comfort. Fax: +357 22509520 Email: primarylem@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509270 Fax: +357 22509280 Τηλεομοιότυπο: +357 22509520 Email: kindergartenlef@pascal.ac.cy, Address: 107, Yianni Kranidioti Avenue In 1938, Pascall products commenced production in New Zealand. Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty (PSLT). Address: 177, Kopegchagis Street Τηλεομοιότυπο: +357 22509540 Tel: +357 22509210 Fax: +357 22509220 Email: kindergartenlef@pascal.ac.cy If you require assistance from our customer care department, or need technical support, please contact us at (888) 850-1223. Ηλ. If you require assistance from our customer care department, or need technical support, please contact us at (888) 850-1223. Send your message. 3112 Lemesos, Tel: +357 22509240 Interested in any of our products or want to know when our next show is? Email: primarylef@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509240 Address: 177, Kopegchagis Street 2306 Lakatamia. διεύθυνση: lefkosia.info@pascal.ac.cy, Τηλ: +357 22509400 Email: larnaka.info@pascal.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22509000 Email: info@pascal.ac.cy, Τηλ: +357 22509000 Pascall products were first produced as a joint venture between the Cadbury Brothers and James Pascall at the Cadbury factory in Tasmania, Australia. Wrzesińska 14 PL: 61-021 Poznań NIP: 782 22 81 750. διεύθυνση: lemesos.info@pascal.ac.cy, Address: 177, Kopegchagis Street, 2306 Lakatamia, Lefkosia, Cyprus. Please include in the email all the personal details listed below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Weil der Druck im Gas (Fluid) nicht neg… Would you like additional information about our products, services or capabilities? In 1981, Australian Pascall production moved from Tasmania to Melbourne. Phone: (925) 245-3394 Customer support/service: (888) 850-1223 Email: TMLSservice@topcon.com 1 Pa Schalldruck entspricht +94 dB und ist damit so laut, dass bei Dauerbelastung Hörschäden auftreten können. Die Lautheit von 1 sone wird bei 1000-Hz-Sinuston und +40 dB, also 2000 µPa definiert. ul. Fax: +357 22509250 Fax: +357 22509220 Topcon Medical Laser Systems (TMLS) is the global leader in manufacturing ophthalmic lasers for the treatment of eye diseases. PASCAL is a registered trademark and Synthesis and Endpoint Management are trademarks of Topcon Medical Laser Systems. Email: kindergartenlem@pascal.ac.cy, Address: 2, Polytechniou Street For swift and safe contact, we recommend contacting us at email add ress Mossad@mail.gov.il or Face book messenger .