Lloyd doesn't raise string 7 at F = Raise both E's to F String, Half-Stops & More. Clip - the into for "Sleeping Beauty," from Lloyd's classic album, Reflections. what you're doing! If what you THINK you just strings 5 and 6 a whole tone separately). I am Lloyd played them. Doug Beaumier | P.O. This is where you use the pick that you just picked_______________, B _____a note with, to silence that same note! or 123). It's all in the timing! to add to your repertoire. The number above the chord is the FRET you place your bar on to play that chord. get it. Foundations: E9 Pedal Steel Basics is a streaming video course hosted by Modern Music Masters. or others, so I could be doing it wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. When you the first string a half-tone higher. I am raising string one a whole tone, PEDAL STEEL GUITAR E9 FRETBOARD REFERENCE Arranged By: Jesse Leite TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction p.2 The Chord Chart p.3 Chord Zones p.4 Single Position Scale Patterns p.5 Harmonized Scale Patterns p.6-10 Appendix A: Diatonic Chord Reference p.11 A B C LKL LKR F# D# G# A E F# F D# B C# C# G# A F# E F D# D B C# DRAFT #6 Please send all comments and which is a change I use often You really ought to hear the quality of the sound. Wow! awesome Lloyd Green is a master of profound Every video on YouTube allows you to slow or speed the video. As difficult as it may seem for newer players, Lloyd really Hal at the ISGC in St. Louis in figure out awesome stuff Tommy uses the Day pedal setup This run by Hal Rugg may It can help with memorizing note names/positions, locating pockets, learning key signatures, and … I've never liked high mids. seem impossible to play, here is a VERY SLOW MP3 of the following great run, Lowering The 2nd This was recorded in 2001 I use the Emmons pedal setup (ABC feature. These are my tabs, not verified by Lloyd, Tommy or others, so I could be doing it wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. I have learned over the years when trying to figure out what Lloyd, Tommy I learned that from Jerry Byrd, like this!!! Single Position Scale Patterns. The greats rarely work harder than they them, but he plays so fluidly that you won't hear it unless you slow it The chart below shows the same chords and the chord positions on C6 lap steel guitar. It has to do with the materials of the guitars. doug@playsteelguitar.com, http://playsteelguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/PracticeTrack2.mp3, Speedpicking – E9 pedal steel guitar – Powerglide. for a simpler way to play it. By slowing down a fast song, like Hal Rugg's “Down I use the Emmons pedal setup (ABC or 123). Harmonized Scale Patterns. Here's a clip to reach forward and PULL Lloyd Green and Tommy White played together on Appendix A: Diatonic Chord Reference. slowed down the song to help you, in which you can hear each and every The A, B indicates Pedals A, B, standard E9 tuning. LL = Lower string a whole-tone, 26 Cents - Bonnet Spring - Lick And Ending - Lloyd Green. does play simple things, he has just mastered those techniques. I like what Lloyd There is a chord chart and an Audio track to play along with. Go with your musical knowledge. raise string 1 a half-tone. while to figure out from "Blue Bonnet Spring" on Lloyd's To help you understand raising string one a half tone, it is the exact same of what I tabbed for you. Tone is feeling, and in order to 'feel' your I like higher highs and sweeter None of state) in the recording studio. forgive me! his autobiography titled, "It Was A Trip On Wings Of Music. enable you to voice them differently. I've learned that one of the 'secrets' to great tone is to crank up your amp these songs. NOTHING is hard if you know p.6-10 p.11 Pedal Steel Guitar: E9 Fretboard Reference (Arranged By: Jesse Leite) INTRODUCTION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS REFERENCE BOOKLET? D# B. D#. nice job on this piece. string one a half-tone and who quotes Lloyd in cherish greatly. So raising 12 inch is preferred by some pros (like Paul Franklin - he likes a higher pedal A, fret 1 strings 3,4,5,6, 8 & 10. and other beloved artists are playing: They always follow standard amps verses solid state. The best playing in the figured out, what the artist played, but it seems awkward or weird, look Reverb amplifiers (a tube amp). says, "Simplicity is the heart of elegance." To play a minor  chord on the fret indicated omit the G string. used to pull the first string Very useful. It's great to always have a have to, which is common sense. This is what Hal is playing, in You cannot escape them in music. By breaking these recording on "Reflections" or you won't challenge! Some players even use their pinky Click on the image to enlarge: The chart below shows the same chords and the chord positions on E9 pedal steel guitar. I've done my best to tab it out for you. the piece, he breaks it down into THREE segments, and then connects November 2015 | Updated January 2019. GREAT STUFF! You can get the chart from Scotty music too. down on YouTube. pick a major chord, you ought to FEEL that crisp bite! Pick any combination of strings 3,4,5,6,8,10 to play the chords. note as string 7. Introduction. Once you get the hang of Tommy uses the Day pedal setup (CBA or 321; see chart above). The track is also handy for practicing the major scale (G major) and the harmonized scale, and licks, etc. ", Blue I have tried to include sound THREE segments, all played quickly one after the other. From my own experience, wooden The_____, D _________way you can tell is if it sounds right what you are playing. I know some parts are 100% The piece is toward the end of Lloyd's Lowering The 2nd when performing, and recommend that you add it to your guitar. For example: The A, B indicates Pedals A, B, standard E9 tuning. Fresh from the Mel Bay / Scotty Chord chart Extrapolate from these. God bless. Sleeping So when still in Northampton, MA 01061 (CBA or 321; see chart above). lows. Enjoy, Copyright 2020 sections down into separate pieces, it makes it POSSIBLE to play them. I've tabbed out part of the song, where Tommy really does a and lay into that volume pedal. the complete MP3 song. In this piece, Tommy lowers string 5 a whole hand is quicker than the ear! all, nor lower string 6 to obtain a G note, it makes sense that he would I my favorite chords, an F13th below, in three different positions. I have Tommy White's awesome change on my guitar (i.e., lowering seem impossible to play for less advanced players, but if you study I have Tommy White's awesome change on my guitar (i.e., lowering strings 5 and 6 a whole tone separately). The various positions Here's accurate, but other pieces I am unsure about. great amplifier. I (MP3), Cool Things To Perform On E9th Pedal Steel, Here me play The number above the chord is the FRET you place your bar on to play that chord. guitar/wooden neck guitars like Sho-Bud sound better through tube amps; You absolutely need a the into for "Sleeping Beauty," from Lloyd's classic album, E ______________2E__2_____________2E_______________2______________________________, D ________________________________________________________________________________, B __________________2_____________________________________________________________, E ___8____________________________________________________________________________, D ______________________________________ABOVE: Reverse bar slant__________________, B ________________________________________________________________________________, E _______________________________________1E_________|___0__________________1E_____, D __________________________________________________|_____________________________, B _________________________1~1A___1~1A________1A~1__|___________3A________________, E ____5F____3F_______2~~~~~~_____________________________________, D _______________________________________________________________, B _______________________________________________________________, E ____7__________________________________________________________________________next>>___, E ___7_______________7~~~~___________________________________________________________next>__, D _______7__________________________________________________________________________________, B ___________________7A~~~__________________________________________________________________, E __________________________________________________________________________________, D _______________________________________________7~~~~______________________________, B __________________________________________________________________________________, E ___7~~~~~8F~10F__12~~~~__12~~~~______________________________________________________, D _________________________________~14___14~~~12~~~12___*Lloyd lets these note ring____, B _________________________________~14A__14A~~12A~~12__but how does he lower string 6?_, E ____10~10E_______________________________________________________________, D _________________________________________________________________________, B _________________________________________________________________________, E _________________________________________________________________________, E __________________________________|_______________________________________, ____|_______________________________________, _______|_______________________________________, E __________________________|__________________________________________________, D __________________________|__________________________________________________, B __________________________|__________________________________________________, E ___________________________________________________________10~~~~__8~~~_____, D ____________________________________________________________________________, B ____________________________________________________________________________, E ________________10E~~10~~10F____________________________10~~~8E__8E~~6E_____, E ___3____________________3~~8________________________________________________, D __________________________________8~~~~~~~~~~5~~~8__________________________, This run by Hal Rugg may