It’s well worth the $4 to avoid the frustration of having to send back a noisy or gassy tube. Have a look at the amplification specs on these babies…, Sensitivity: -36dB re 1V/Pa (16mV @ 94dB SPL) +/-1dB I would love to hear Barry White through this microphone. Don’t get the idea that we’re talking about a hyped sound. Not that it was harsh in any way at all, but just slightly bigger than life and slightly closer-sounding for the same distance to microphone. But, I am feeling this mic. The mic's output is a little too much in the 6khz and 12 khz range, which gives the mic kind of a tinny sound. Now look at these new RØDEs. Maximum Output: +13dBu (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1k( load), Dynamic Range: > 134dB (A-weighted, per IEC268-15) I have also used the NTK on acoustic guitar in a pinch, and hand percussion. You get a very serviceable mic stand adapter and a thick-skinned bag with the NT1000, add a hefty brick-sized power supply (with groovy blue LED) and 30 foot multipin cord for the NTK. Out of curiosity, I used a RØDE M1 for vocal recording last night rather than the trusty NTK - and y'know what? I found that it was very hot and a touch brittle. Wow. , I don't really use this mic for vocals much, but It makes a fantastic mic for drum overheads(I've got two), Guitar and Bass cabinets. It can take a beating from loud guitar or vocals and it delivers a smooth warm tube sound to your mix. NT1000 is as clean as a wide bandwidth FET design can be, with the lowest noise floor you can get. Many ask me if it's "good" or "bad". You can pick them up cheap when they end up on ebay. Sound-wise, the choice to purchase either of these microphones is a no-brainer. Startlingly fantastic, perhaps as good as any mic in the world. RODE NTK Tube Replacement Results. If you want warm and clear vocals and acoustic guitar, this is perfect- buy one and set the mike up and play and sing. Maximum SPL: > 140dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1k( load) I use the NTK in my project studio. It really brings out the personality of the voice. Kudos to RØDE for bringing back a little class to a marketplace that’s gotten downright depressing. In terms of microphones this means: NEUMANN M149 TUBE, AEA R84, and so forth, to give you a quick idea. I use the Rode through an Aphex 207 pre, an ART Pro VLA compressor, and then an Aphex 204 Exciter (w/big-bottom) before the Presonus Firebox takes it to digital. First verse was used with the Neumann U87, second verse was. For a given amount of money, you want to spend it mostly on the sublime, and the NT1000 and NTK put the sublime first by brilliantly executing every mundane detail of the ordinary. Put it in front of a vocalist, and it seems to bring out the best. Tube Mic on a budget. in the highs and lows. This mic has replaced my Shure condenser for almost all my voice work. Some hand drums I recorded came through in the mix with clarity and power. It was damn good! Not only is it precise and immaculate, but the singer I'm recording (a loud soprano) can't over-modulate it (with proper technique of course); and it carries her vocal dynamics perfectly. These days ,It seems like alot of the less expensive condensers do have much more treble than what's needed. Matter of fact, it was just not in the same league in any respect. What a great mike - not just for the money. Noice! But for the money, it's an awesome tool. Actually, smo-o-o-o-o-o-v. One of the subtle niceties here is simply the way everything feels–so sturdy and positive. The ProRec mailbag exploded a few times, but we survived. I purchased a much higher priced mic for vocals from Sweetwater. The Rode NTK is one of the first microphones I bought, when Rode was starting out. While a mic that runs upwards of $500 might not seem "cheap" to some, I consider it a steal considering how high prices can get for condensers. Just get it. From his humble beginnings, yanking the cheap parts out of Chinese mics and replacing them with upscale components, Freedman’s RØDE has always looked for a way to give the musician more mic for the buck. I was amazed by the clarity and warmth of the NTK.Lets be honest, most well known microphone brands trade on their name.I have auditioned most brands out there, and can say with the greatest of confidence that you dont have to spend $7000 to get a good sound. As neutral and clean as the NT1000 sounded, the NTK takes that sound and builds a fire under it. I have used it on female and male vocals with great success. At less than a grand for the pair, maybe you don’t have to. But still, they were perfect foils for my purposes. Eventually I ended up buying the NTK because it is up to par with many neumann mics. I bought an NTK back in 2003, not too long after they were released. It lowered the gain and smoothed it right out. Before my I stepped up into a better studio, I was using this in a bedroom sized room, and doing vocals without a booth... very clean vocals, but when I would go to compress... the room sound got loud. They’d punch your lights out. Vocals sat dead-still with sparkle and remarkable presence.