Church and society. Honour the king.” In the realm of state churches and territorial churches, Christianity contributed to the preservation of the status quo of society. Fear God. In England the Anglican church remained an ally of the throne, as did the Protestant churches of the German states. The Church of Jesus Christ has normally understood the transformation of society to be an essential part of its mission task. The Role of the Church. Another goal of the church is to have a positive spiritual impact on society around us. The Catholic church asserted that it was the only path to salvation. Its influence and authority extends beyond borders, embracing everyone from all walks of life. The development of Christianity’s influence on the character of society since the Reformation has been twofold. The role of the Catholic Church in society has existed for many centuries. These churches establishes NGOs that cater to the under fortunate in society such as the orphans, homeless, abused and illiterates. Through their NGOs they are able to train, shelter and protect these people, thereby increasing the lifestyle of the less fortunate and in turn increasing the socio-economic development of the country. Individuals who did not conform to the standards of the Church not only risked being ostracized, but were in danger of being labeled heretics and executed. Christian doctrine influenced every aspect of life. People need a place to feel accepted. 1 Peter 2:17 “Honour all men. The Catholic Church is more than an institution. The church, as well as religion and faith plays a very big role in modern society. The figure of St. Æþeldreda, from the Benedictional of St. Æþelwold in the British Library ; In the twentieth century we often find it difficult to understand the role played by the Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries. There are many other points that Peter makes in this book and chapter, but these 4 roles sum up nicely how we are to relate to those around us. Role of the Church in contemporary society Christians believe it is their duty to help others. Consequently, we often pick up odd misconceptions and attitudes. In verse 17 of 1 Peter 2 we are given a succinct description of what a Christian’s role in society is to be. The teachings of Jesus, such as the Parable of the Good Samaritan, are among the important sources for modern notions of Human Rights and the Love the brotherhood. The Bible and Christian theology have also strongly influenced Western philosophers and political activists. This happens by praying for the city and country you live in. According to, every member of society was expected to live by the Catholic faith.