…floor vibrations are common in drum rooms (when not on a concrete slab) and the Sling-Shock does a fantastic job of eliminating them without cutting into the body of kit’s sound. ROYER RSM-SS251 SLING- SHOCK SHOCK MOUNT- EXCELLENT!! A shock mount is useful for isolating your microphone from vibrations that can travel up the mic stand and later appear as various strange noises or low end rumbling on your tracks. Clamping System Spring-loaded "clothespin", Attenuation 8 dB to 10 dB broadband (depends on the microphone response, construction and mass. Custom Computer Audio Systems for Recording. The in-phase signal is achieved when the microphone is addressed from the front, indicated by the “ROYER” logo. Our proprietary system of non-resonant nylon cable and damped steel springs acts to isolate the microphone from vibrations induced from the microphone stand. Simply stated, the Sling-Shock is a great, straightforward way to improve any microphone-sourced signal chain.”, “I found it to be easy to use and extremely effective in isolating even quite extreme mechanical vibrations and shocks. or Best Offer. The RSM-SS1 will work with any cylindrical microphone measuring approximately one inch in diameter (+/- 1/8 inch). And if you don't see it on our site, call us at 800-834-5986 and we'll be happy to help you. Built to Royer standards, Sling-Shocks are so reliable we give them a lifetime warranty. ROYER R- 121 L RIBBON MICROPHONE- AWESOME SOUND!! Royer Labs R-101 Ribbon Professional Microphone. Our focus on detailed and thorough audio system design is one of the ways we stand out above other professional audio equipment specialists. The R-121 is a compact bi-directional (figure-eight) velocity type ribbon microphone designed for professional applications. The Sling-Shock™ (Patent No. The new Royer R-10 utilizes our patented 3-layer protective wind screen system and an internally shock mounted transducer, and ships with a swivel mic mount and carrying case. © 2020 Royer Labs • 2711 Empire Ave., Burbank CA, 91504 • 818.847.0121, Recording on the back of the R-series microphone, A cable clip is included on each Sling-Shock, Superior isolation from vibration, shock and rumble, Lack of self-resonance on high SPL applications, Felt-lined, scratch-free microphone chamber holds mic securely, No rubberized parts to degrade or stretch, Built in microphone cable clip minimizes cable-related vibration. Microphone Accepted Cylindrical or tapered within the limits above. Deciding to equip your venue with a live sound system requires much forethought, planning and a unique design tailored to your space and the type of sound that will be amplified there. $1,299.99. We’ve done away with unreliable rubberized parts and elastic cords, producing a durable shockmount that provides exceptional isolation from vibration, rumble and resonances. Instrument Microphones / Drum Microphones, Digital Pianos/ MIDI Keyboards/Controllers, Video Cameras and Video Camera Accessories, Royer Labs R-121 Studio Dynamic Ribbon Microphone, Royer Labs PS-101 Metal Pop Screen (with goose neck), Royer Labs SF-24 Phantom Powered Stereo Ribbon Microphone, Shure A88SM Isolation Mount for Shure VP88 Microphone, Neumann EA87MT - Shockmount for U-87 microphone, Black, On-Stage MY410CG Studio Microphone Shock Mount, Champagne, Rode SM-2, Shockmount for NTK,NTV,NT2-A, K2,NT2000, NT1000, Classic II, DPA STC4099, d:vote 4099 Instrument Mount for Saxophone/Trumpet, Neumann EA89I - Shockmount for U89i mt, Nickel finish, AKG H500 Economical Shock Mount for GN15E, GN30E and GN50E. Height 5.23" (133.3 mm) Depth 3.93" You're going to love the way you sound! If you're recording mostly electric guitars and/or brass, we usually suggest going with the R-121 - it’s less expensive and sounds incredible. Royer R-10 … The basic design of the Royer R121 is fairly conventional as ribbon microphones go, despite the adoption of sophisticated modern materials. Sling-Shocks have no elastic bands, rubber bungee cords, synthetic bushings or other parts that commonly fail in traditional shocks. The Sling-Shock RSM-SS1 is sized to fit Royer’s 1-inch diameter ribbon mics; R-121, R-122 MKll, R-122V and SF-12 ribbon microphones. Apple Authorized Reseller | Service Center. These vibrations appear as rumble and/or low-grade noise across the bandwidth and are greatly reduced by use of the Sling-Shock. Professional Audio Equipment, Recording Equipment & Sound System Design. “…I have yet to find an instance when it (the Sling-Shock) didn’t improve the performance of my recording. Whatever your sound system design needs, Pro Audio Solutions has the technical expertise and industry experience to make your concept a reality. We work with you along the way of your audio system purchase: from your vision of the system, determining needs and priorities within a budget, the actual audio system design, installation of the system and troubleshooting any issues on-site. Free shipping. A 2.5µm-thick pure-aluminium ribbon is supported between the poles of a powerful rare-earth neodymium magnet assembly. The RSM-SS24 accommodates Royer’s SF-2, SF-24 and SF-24V microphones, and any cylindrical microphone measuring approximately 1 ½ inch in diameter (+/- 1/8 inch). The R-122 already has a tight bottom end but the low-frequency clarity and fullness is even better with the Sling-Shock. At Pro Audio Solutions, you'll find a team of audio and sound experts who've worked with a variety of clients, providing superior service. Royer Labs AT-84 Shockmount for R-121, R-122 and SF-1, Cable Finder from www.proaudiosolutions.com, Floor pockets, Stage boxes for Audio Connectors, Power Solutions, Power Supplies, Accessories, Stands for Microphones, Speakers,Keyboards, AV, Lighting, Computer Audio systems from Pro Audio Solutions, Apogee FX Software Black Friday Promotions, USB Audio Interfaces from Pro Audio Solutions, Keyboard Controllers, Keyboards, and MIdi interfaces, Dynaudio Professional Replacement and Service Parts, Ceiling / In-Wall / Surface Mount Speakers, Bosch Integrus - Wireless Language Distribution System, Countryman B2D Directional Lavalier Microphones, Countryman B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Finder, Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones, Countryman EMW Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones, Countryman I2 Saxophone and Brass Microphones, Countryman I2 Violin and Viola Microphones, Countryman ISOMAX 2 All-Purpose Microphones, Countryman ISOMAX 2-H Audience and Choir Microphones. ). Your music, recordings and performances are the reason we exist! Pro Audio Solutions is an authorized dealer for all top brands of professional audio equipment for a variety of sound and audio facilities. We are proud to be an Apple Authorized Reseller & Service Center, but also have extensive expertise in all things PC. Your one-stop shop for studio recording equipment, broadcast, custom computers for audio/video recording, Software, live sound systems, Technical support,audio system design, Audio-Video sysem installation. Whether you need an, Anything made in the world of professional audio equipment and live sound can be found right here at Pro Audio Solutions. Specifications. The Sling-Shock RSM-SS1 is sized to fit Royer’s 1-inch diameter ribbon mics; R-121, R-122 MKll, R-122V and SF-12 ribbon microphones. We can identify the right, At Pro Audio Solutions, we carry a huge selection of commercial and home studio recording equipment in helpful bundles. $299.99. We pride ourselves in standing out above other retailers of professional audio equipment because of our years of expertise in the industry, allowing us to comprehensively and more efficiently determine your audio needs and figure out the best solution to achieve those goals. Sling-Shock RSM-SS24 After turning your audio system design into reality, Pro Audio Solutions staff will train and teach you how to use the sound equipment to best obtain the audio results you want. $25.00 shipping. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Royer Labs R-101 Ribbon Professional Microphone. The RSM-SS1 will work with any cylindrical microphone measuring approximately one inch in diameter (+/- 1/8 inch). 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: Minimum Microphone Diameter 0.66 (16.8 mm). We also sell wholesale to qualified sound and video system integrators and contractors with no minimum purchase quantities. 8,571,250) is a revolutionary departure from traditional shockmount designs. The RSM-SS251’s two-inch (50mm) diameter chamber accommodates a number of non-Royer microphones, including ELAM 251s, U-67s, U-87s and other similarly sized microphones. PRO!! Vanguard Audio Labs MIcrophones Made in the USA!