How to Sharpen an Axe: In this Instructable I will show you how to give a new axe an ultra sharp edge before you get to work!I made a quick one minute how to sharpen an axe video for my YouTube channel BCDesign if you like this video and Instructable please thumbs up comm… You always start by restoring the fold. Part Two — Sharpen the Axe Sharpen the Axe’s Edge Using a Coarse Whetstone or Water Stone. Not all axes have the same blade bevel, so it’s important to follow the original bevel. Inspect the ax blade for any chips or nicks. If an axe isn’t sharp, it won’t “bite” in the wood and that is when an axe will bounce back or deflect. With a razor-sharp axe you won’t slip and will be able to chop based on technique and not brute force. This is an in-joke to Sean Bean's character Richard Sharpe from his show Sharpe who was a soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. A lot safer and less exhausting! ‘Regularly’ in that sense doesn’t mean everyday. Follow these simple steps to bring an axe from completely dull to shaving sharp with hand tools. When learning how to sharpen a hatchet, you must be careful not to burn the edge. How to properly sharpen an axe Think back to The Fellowship of the Ring when Boromir is checking out the broken Sword of Elendil and he says of it "still sharp". I usually sharpen my axe every month, if I haven’t really used it during that month. If I go on an outdoors trip, I will want sharpen my knife more often, every 4-5 days or so, to make sure that it always performs at its best. While your first attempt at sharpening may not provide the best results, over time you can quickly sharpen a blade in around 5 to … cnjKqUsy3lI. How To: Sharpen an Axe If you have an axe to grind with your wood chopping tool's dull blade, then follow this step-by-step tutorial to get it back in business. First off, do a simple inventory of what you’ll need to sharpen your axe. Be sure to rub the whetstone in small circular movements and flip the axe every time the burr changes sides. Do not only sharpen the edge. Sharpening an axe occurs – like with knives – in multiple stages. It is therefore better and easier to sharpen your axe regularly. If you find some nicks, grind them away with the grinder. Once your axe has been properly sharpened you can use it over and over again and sharpen as needed. Now that you know how to use a stone to sharpen an axe you can ensure that the blade is razor-sharp before each use for optimal cutting performance and safety. Especially with axes this is key. Apply sewing machine or honing oil to the edge before rubbing the tip of a coarse whetstone on it. Do the whole edge to preserve the shape of the blade.