Sishya School, Adyar, Chennai, rated 3.3 of 5 on SchoolMyKids. I find it to be a nice mix of varied social and economic types. that is true for all schools, I think. I would like to ask some details about the school? Try the below url on thursday morning to get appointment, Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been following Sishya School forum for a while. Could you please advise how to proceed on Admission procedures. Very useful Info...Thanks a lot...I too registered for admission for my kid....Only thing i'm thinking about is to choose between CBSE or ICSE....Lot of people saying that ICSE is tougher than CBSE....That is the only concern i have...What is your opinion about this? Connect with Sishya. Could you please provide me details about the admission process? I am seeking for admission in sishya for my son who is 3 years old ,Is there any prekg in sishya, if not for next year LKG admission  do i need to book an appointment this year itself .Please tell me the details. A full fledged Higher Secondary School, Sishya Adayar today has over 1200 students. Hi shalsudha. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, whose offices are in New Delhi. The only way to know if you like the place is to visit, and see for yourself! help. Sishya was founded in 1972. Any recommendations would help to get a seat ? Did your daughters get admission in the school? I am an old student of Sishya, and an ex-part time teacher there, as well as currently a parent of Sishya. Students are expected to learn concepts and info. All comments welcome. Trust them when they say that they are full up for that class! LKG admissions get filled ridiculously early... many people register their kids when they are still pregnant!! Wat is the current fee structure in adyar sishya? sishya school fees 33 replies, Page 1 < 1; 2 > Show latest first. Also what grade they'll be eligible for. please throw some light mam. thomas - thank you for your reply in the post Do I have a chance? on admission - move your home very close to school, better less than a km and try to book slot at d earliest when admission starts thomas 2009-09-23 13:29:17 . Thanks a lot for your valuable info :) and btw my kid is just 1.5yrs now .. can i go and register her name nowitself.. will it realy help me to get her admission for play school after a year or so??? please let me know the sishya school fees structure and the procedure to admit. Still you can put your kids name down, in case someone drops out or takes their kid to another school by the time the time for admission comes up. can  he gets the admission for next year in sishya, how can he get the admission, i went for school last year , more then three time , admin told u come and meet 2012 nov, its correct, i need admission for my son plz guide me. Each person was taken on their own worth. If I want to go with Sishya, will my kids loose 6 months of schooling? It would be really great if you can help me in this regard. When we spoke to Sishya, they told us that their school year runs between jan-Dec. Contact info, Admission 2020-2021, Fee Structure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews. I am planning to come to Chennai. ... Wat is the current fee structure in adyar sishya? below are my feedback and its upto u take it or ignore it. If i happen to put them in someother school say billabong, will they take us for 2013? Please note that these are not admission interviews per se. Can someone say when sishya starts giving admission forms so that we can plan our travel as we r in US now. ICSE - Day - Convent - Co-Ed .Get 2020-21 fees structure, reviews, application form details. on fees - I heard that its around 50k+ I am intered in putting them in Sishya. how about the infrastructure & other extra-curricular activities? Thank you. No references or name dropping will help. Admission forms & fees structure 2018-19, Address, photos, Facilities, 360° School tours, contact no … So feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about the school. No religious or social differences are shown, and when I studied there, i didn't even know what religious or social background any of my classmates came from. Admissions for Adayar campus, the trustees will meet anyone who comes on a Wednesday to the school on a first come first served basis. if they ask u to wait until Feb or mar - for sure you won't get seat. My son who completed 7th grade will turn 13 this june 30 2012.