A total of 1,515 first-time heart attacks and 3,389 cases of heart disease were reported among the study participants. For every 42 people age 80 to 100 treated with a moderate-intensity statin, one heart attack could be prevented in the age group, the researchers said, with the preventive effect decreasing the younger people are. Older adults may get heart health benefits from statins, two new studies found. Statins News - Statins Information. Phys.org internet news portal provides the latest news on science, Tech Xplore covers the latest engineering, electronics and technology advances, Science X Network offers the most comprehensive sci-tech news coverage on the web. "Our study provides further evidence for the cumulative burden of LDL cholesterol over a person's lifetime and the progressive increase in risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease with age," study co-author Børge Nordestgaard said in a statement. Statins and reducing deaths from heart disease. Photo by hamiltonpaviana/Pixabay, Opioid deaths in young Americans often involve other drugs, Researchers link specific gut bacteria to irritable bowel syndrome, Quick bursts of exercise can help diabetics' hearts, MMR vaccine may protect against severe illness from COVID-19, study finds, Fauci: 'People should feel confident' COVID-19 vaccines safe, effective. This study is the first Mendelian randomization analysis of lipid subtypes for a range of cancers across the human body. RELATED Statins cut heart attack, stroke risk even in older adults, study says A total of 1,515 first-time heart attacks and 3,389 cases of heart disease were … Click here to sign in with Meanwhile, an analysis of 29 studies involving more than 244,000 adults found that cholesterol-lowering therapies were associated with a reduction in the incidence of all cardiovascular events, including death, heart attack and stroke, researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston reported. 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Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Older adults benefit at least as much as young people from cholesterol-lowering medications that reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease, according to two studies published Tuesday by The Lancet. The FASEB Journal (2020). "While there is evidence to support our assumption that genetic variants in relevant gene regions can be used as proxies for pharmacological interventions, our findings should be considered with caution until they are confirmed in clinical trials. MONDAY, Jan. 6, 2020 (American Heart Association News) -- About 40 million adults in the U.S. take a statin to lower their cholesterol and reduce the risk for heart disease. However, our work highlights that the effectiveness of statins must be urgently evaluated by large clinical trials for potential use in cancer prevention," says senior author Stephen Burgess, Group Leader at the Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit, part of the University of Cambridge. 09/14/2020 / Virgilio Marin. For every 80 people age 80 to 100 who take statins, one heart attack will be prevented, researchers say, while three times that number of people between age 50 and 59 would need to take the drugs to prevent one heart attack, the data from one study showed. The content is provided for information purposes only. Statins News | Statins News – Statins Information. "Our analysis indicates that these therapies are as effective in reducing cardiovascular events and deaths in people aged 75 years and over as they are in younger people, [with] no offsetting safety concerns," said Sabatine, chairman of the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction Study Group at Brigham and Women's Hospital. "Previous laboratory studies have suggested that lipids including cholesterol play a role in the development of cancer, and that statins inhibit cancer development," explains lead author Paul Carter, Cardiology Academic Clinical Fellow at the Department of Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, UK. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy In total, 75,037 of these individuals had a cancer event. What's more, in a 2019 French study, people ages 75 to 79 experienced a health issue after going off these cholesterol-lowering medications. Your email address is used only to let the recipient know who sent the email. For example, for many cancer types, there were not enough outcome events needed in the analysis to rule out the possibility of moderate causal effects. People taking dummy pills and statins experienced similar side effects in a new study. For example, the risk for heart attack in the overall population was increased by 34% for every one-point rise in LDL cholesterol, the data showed. Participants were tracked for roughly eight years. This document is subject to copyright. Statins are FDA-approved for human use, but 25HC is a natural product currently available only for laboratory work. Up to 29% of all adults in the United States, or about 70 million people, have high cholesterol, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prescription statin drugs, along with diet and exercise, can help manage cholesterol, although the benefits of the drugs in older adults have been less clear based on existing research. The team obtained associations of lipid-related genetic variants with the risk of overall cancer and 22 cancer types for 367,703 individuals in UK Biobank. Case in point: A recent study revealed that people who take statins in hopes of reducing their risk of cardiovascular events could be raising their risk of diabetes in the process. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details to third parties. "Statins are very effective at lowering LDL cholesterol [preventing it from developing into plaque that deposits on blood vessel walls]. Despite the large sample size of more than 360,000 participants and the broad set of outcomes analyzed in this study, the team adds that there are a number of limitations to this work.