Voer de plaatsnaam of postcode in van het land waar u zoekt. A2 license friendly too. Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". The half faired Bandit fills the bill perfectly as far as I am concerned. The original tyres where excellent no matter the road condition but squared off quite quick so i now have 021 rear and 014 front. Also bike has been back to dealer three times in 1,500 miles owing to the ECU / Fuel Injection needing to be re-set / adjusted to make it run correctly. 32.99 € 51.95 € En stock . Hardly needed any maintenance other than the usual oil change and lubrication. Bought mine new august 07, 14000 miles on it now, used daily on a 33 mile round commute. The Bandit 650 is a good, honest, straightforward and 'no frills' machine. The engine's solid; the cycle parts simple and the build quality isn't bad either. I was advised at the 8000 mile service it was on it's way out. Prix compétitifs toute l'année ! The handling is quite good taking into account the price. The only thing i'm not very keen on is the bazooka sized standard exhaust. I have the S with ABS and half-faring, using it for commuting and weekend, getting 45-50 mpg. De Bandit 650 is overigens met ABS leverbaar, om het motorrijden nog nèt wat veiliger te maken. Na het inloggen kun je AutoScout24 nog beter gebruiken. Other than the poor Suzuki service and some quality issues the bike is a good choice. Found out later it was an ex-police bike, not a bad thing, well serviced and looked after. Vind nu tweedehands Suzuki Bandit 650 moto's op AutoScout24, de grootste online automarkt van Europa. Essai sur 1500 kilomètres. Had mine new since June 2007 done 16500 used daily never let me down no rust on my third set of tyres 021 I looked at all sorts of bikes still think I made the right choice I would recomend to anyone. So far no problems at all, but as the miles mount up we'll see. Dealer did cover cost first time, but since then I have had to cover as Suzuki GB apparently indicated not a warranty issue! But for the majority of riders it does everything you need to it in a superbly refined and enjoyable way and for the money your smile will get bigger and bigger the more you ride it. Initially noticed problems when running at slower speeds in traffic, when the silky smoothness advised in some reviews was just not there. Obviously its not as nimble as the sports 600s but still gives them a run for their money. I thought I'd need a bigger machine but this is ticking all the boxes for me for now. I had two issues and they didn't accept responsability in any of them. Love it. You can certainly feel the power in the engine and (I’m told) 120mph and beyond is achieved with ease! One to consider if your budget is tight. It's smoother than either of the previous bikes, almost as quick as the GSR and more comfortable too, especially two up. The motor is creamy smooth from idle and revs quickly and cleanly letting you tear up to 12,000rpm if you feel that way inclined, though many owners never will. The engine is very reliable the handling as well and the price is very good for a 650cc. Brilliant bike, wouldn't recommend for first bike as it is heavy. All Suzuki Bandit 650S motorcycle specs. La GSF Bandit est une gamme de motos de type roadster, du constructeur japonais Suzuki.Elle se décline en de nombreuses cylindrées, allant de 250 à 1 250 cm 3.Toutes ont la particularité de disposer d'un moteur à quatre temps en ligne et à deux arbres à cames.. Ce modèle a connu un grand succès grâce son rapport qualité/prix, son esthétique, ses performances et sa fiabilité. Although deleted half a decade ago, the Bandit 650 is still as relevant as ever and great value on the used market. The bandit 650 engine is very reliable and can stand long trips without any problem. © Copyright Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit 2005 -47% . Power is good and engine is strong. Had the K7 version for a few years. All registered in England and Wales. , and today while washing the bike the paint on the rear wheel literally peeled off in front of my eyes! Easy to maintain and repair too. Everything about it is great and I would recommend to anyone. Vanwege onderhoud is AutoScout24 momenteel slechts beperkt beschikbaar. Nous vous suggérons de la modifier pour recevoir correctement les alertes mais aussi pour retrouver votre mot de passe oublié. I've been riding every day to work, doing lot of city ride and i've found this moto to be absolutely great.Water-cooled engine provides extra summer protection,bikini-fairing gives amazing air protection until 140km/h,hydraulic clutch is very useful. Over all a very good 'all round' bike. Review your SUZUKI GSF650 BANDIT (2007 - 2012). Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? A good all-rounder to own, reliable, comfortable, rides well even on twisty roads despite its weight. 2007: All-new Suzuki GSF650 Bandit launched.2009: Updated model released with styling changes. I have been riding bikes for 35 years and the last 2 bikes I owned were a 2004 600 bandit, which was an excellent bike, and a 2006 GSR600 which I loved but it got written off in August by a moron in a vw golf, so got the new 650 bandit as soon as the cast was off my left wrist. Suzuki Bandit 650S, alle specificaties en prijzen in de motorbase van Motor.NL. It can currently pull away in 4th, so reckon there is scope to increase the gearing a bit. There is a hell of a lot of motorcycle for the money. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Sinds 2015 heeft Suzuki de Bandit 650 weer in het actieve programma opgenomen. Dit betreft een aantal functies, zoals I've had my GSF650SA from new in December 2007. Fed up after 12 months of hassle and good reviews of GSF650SA indicated this bike would be an ideal commuter. Spécialiste des pièces et accessoires pour motos SUZUKI gsf bandit 650. I've done about 5500 miles so far, changed tyres at 4000 for BT 021's which are excellent in all conditions. I don't ride really hard and consequently the original Bridgestones are just getting to the end of their life. The two clocks, analogue tachometer and LCD speedo, are all very clear and the 6 speed gear box works well. Suzuki GSF 650 S BANDIT ABS (bj 2011) Zeer nette origineel nederlands geleverde suzuki gsf650sa. After an enforced break due to children, it's great to be back on two wheels again. Riding too many years, had about 5 years doing classics, now had to go for longer comuting, decided on the suzuki sa, it gave me some wind protection, and being short in the leg seat height was good for me, i think its a great bike done 700 miles in 3 weeks. Quite simply one of the best bikes I have ever owned. Alle rechten voorbehouden. I have been riding for over thirty years and needed a good hack for a 40 minute each way commute in all weathers. One of the cheaper motorcycles above 600cc to own, thanks to its great reliability. Also be aware if you plan on doing high mileage, the servicing costs are astronomical and need doing every 4000 miles. SUZUKI GSF GSF BANDIT 650. Not got a lot to compare it to, the last bike I owned was a CX500 maaany years ago, but seems to do exactly what is required of it. Mechanically the same. Very reliable, good paintwork, good resistance to corrosion and accident damage. Peak power is up and there is great amount of torque. Bought a 2007 naked version of this bike with 4500 miles on the clock a few months back. Wilt u automatisch informatie krijgen over nieuwe voertuigen die bij uw zoekopdracht passen? But these are all minor points and none of them is worth worrying about whatsoever. Have to say I love the bike, with easy handling and willing engine, however I have had numerous problems. If they continue and Warrany won't cover, then bike will be history and I move brands. To sum up, the Bandit is a fine bike for warm weather riders, but if you are looking for an all year round commuter, stay well clear! Choose the bandit mainly on looks and the ABS as i knew nought about bikes when i first passed, and have never regreted it. Bought my second one in Nov.06 new, done 85000 miles so far, riding everyday(Despatch) apart from Tyres I do all servicing myself, never had a problem with the bike now on my second Chain and Sprocket set thanks to Scottoiler, changed the rear sprocket to 47 teeth and the front to 14, get 255 miles from a full tank and when I fill-up I still have just over 1 Lit left.I go on biking holidays once year and use it for my work the rest of the time, there are better bikes in the market but not in it's class(600/650). Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The finish as usual can be ropey but regular cleaning helps look after that, this is afterall a good value bike, what do you expect? I'ne been riding one since last year.After 8500km, no problems so far.Engine power enough for every day tour but also for travelling,smooth ride feeling,brakes capable but lacking a bit of sense,well equiped, adequate comfort. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Essai Suzuki Bandit 650 S GSF Libérée pour bonne conduite. The bike is in some ways great. Suzuki won't help you most likely after you've paid the bike and none of the problems I had with the bike within the two first years have been covered by the warranty so doesn't make sense to take it to authorised garages that are a rip off.