65 to 70 days. share. Its parent, 'Sweet 100', revolutionized the cherry tomato world with its terrific yields (up to 50 fruits per cluster) and its novel, sweet taste when it was introduced in 1978. When Sweet 100 tomato … Is there a significant between them and if so what is that difference? ... Super Sweet 100 Tomato. print. Thanks About 1” red cherry, larger than Sweet 100 and much more sweet. 'Sweet 100' Very vigorous, indeterminate plant is a prolific producer of crack-prone fruit with good tomato flavor. The Super Sweet 100 is the classic red cherry tomato with incredibly sweet taste. Am planning to grow one of these Cherry Varieties. Sweet Million Cherry Tomato. Positive: On Jul 20, 2011, slumpond from Stockett, MT (Zone 4a) wrote: Have been growing Sweet Million … One of the first red tomatoes to ripen. Plant begins bearing early and continues on through the growing season, producing many clusters of small, bright red fruit. Definitely a must have. SOURCES: The Natural Gardening Company (707/766-9303) sells 'Sun Gold' and 'Sweet 100… Write a review. Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato. These cherry tomatoes will continue to produce huge clusters all season … Grow some of the first cherry tomatoes in the neighborhood! Hybrid. 'Sweet 100' got its name during field trials in California, when a European gentleman in a newly starched white shirt picked a sample of cherry tomatoes from row 100.