Another would be Grandmother's mention of her and Sekky's "special work" after her showing the children her jade collection, including her precious Jade Peony at the end of Part two of the book. The Jade Peony. Important Quotes. The Jade Peony symbolized Old China’s culture and traditions. Library and Archives Canada, accession number 1972-051 NPC, C-047397 It was given to her by a traveling circus performer who lodged on the farm at which she was indentured. Symbolism is used in this story. Themes. the jade peony was given to her by her circus friend, and it is the last thing she has of him. Such like the wind chimes, the jade peony and the cat. She passed it to Sek Lung after her death. It is Poh Poh’s most valued possession. This “cat” symbolizes that grandma’s time has come, and that she must move on to her next life where she will be reunited with “the juggler”. The Jade Peony Symbols & Motifs. Poh-Poh gives it to Sekky. The title refers to their grandmother’s jade amulet, her treasured possession, bequeathed as a symbolic reminder of their Chinese heritage and cultural roots. Is there any questions or comments? “Relocation of Japanese-Canadians to internment camps in the interior of British Columbia,” 1942. The major symbol in this novel is the Jade Peony. Symbolism is used in this story. The Jade Peony explores the impact of the internment on the Chinatown community. There are two common myths about the peony. The peony is significant both historically and mythologically, and thus is tied to many different meanings and symbols. The Jade Peony is an important symbol in the novel. Symbols & Motifs. Wayson Choy’s 1995 novel, “The Jade Peony,” explores Vancouver’s Chinatown of the late 1930s and 1940s from the perspective of three Chinese immigrant siblings. Why were the others mad when the grandmother and sek-lung were in the alley-way? Common peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but peonies can also mean bashfulness.. The most significant symbol in this story is the white cat, with its red eyes, that appears outside the house. The Jade Peony was there for Sek Lung to keep his culture in Canada. Such like the wind chimes, the jade peony and the cat. Thank you for listening! Book Symbolism. We later find out that the work was to build a special wind chime, in which the Peony plays a big part. Point of View is the first person because he is talking for himself. The most significant symbol in this story is the white cat, with its … It … ”The Jade Peony’ explores themes traditionally associated with novels about the immigrant experience…the burden of old ways, the necessity of learning new ones” (Gambone 7). It represents everything about Old China and the traditions that Poh-Poh keeps in the family. The jade peony is Poh-Poh’s beloved talisman and treasure. Essay Topics. Example: "The truth was, I was sorry not to have started school the year before..." Theme: Somethings in life are hard, but you half too learn too