The added bit of sweet from the peas is a nice balance to the tangy tomato and slightly bitter spinach. Tuna salad with egg is perfect as a fast and healthy lunch idea, or a sandwich and is an easy 10-minute dinner that requires no thought. In truth, the hard-boiled eggs are optional. Tuna egg salad add-in options: Chopped up pickles - I prefer dill but sweet work just as well On a bed of lettuce; On toasted bread ; As an open-faced tuna melts (perfect with bagels and cheese melted on top) A scoop with crackers - I love Trader Joe's Crispbreads. But a gap exists between good enough and really good- and we closed it with a surprising approach. Make up a batch of hard boiled eggs and enjoy a few lunches and dinners! I like to add more vegetables whenever possible, so I add 1/2 cup frozen green peas to the mix, and serve the tuna salad on a bed of baby spinach with a few cherry tomatoes. For our Tuna Salad with Sweet Pickle and Egg recipe, tasters preferred canned solid white tuna for its pleasant mild flavor and consistently firm fish. And create a filling that’s tailored to your taste by using either sweet or dill pickle relish to season the mixture, along with mayo, flat-leaf parsley, and salt and pepper. Combine two all-time favorites—egg salad and tuna salad—for this salty, satisfying sandwich that comes together in 10 minutes flat. Tuna salad sounds like a no-brainer. SERVES 4 (Makes 2 cups, enough for 4 sandwiches) WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS. BTW, one of my favorite parts of your book was the page on balancing flavors. Different Ways to Eat Tuna Egg Salad. Love your work! Here’s how to do it. Super crunchy and a good source of fiber.