Which admittedly sounds a … What working from home has taught me about my partner and, worse, myself Emma Beddington Even after 26 years together, Covid life has thrown … Day 28 of 30 Days of PH⁣ Topic: What PH Has Taught Me This is Jacque's Story @jacque.wilkinson Even with all the negative that comes with this disease, it has taught me so many things. I even planned on building up my photography portfolio. What 2020 Taught Me America, for all of its wealth, refuses to feed, clothe, employ and house its people. She can't wait till we can go again and she wants to ask her friends to join her. Funny that. As a mother, I pray incessantly for this crisis to end because I want a safe world for my child. My daughter, Tara, and I had a conversation recently and she said that she didn't realize how much she misses going to a Binghamton Devils hockey game. First, it taught me to slow down. Socially my life has changed drastically. What 2020 has Taught Me (so far) August 26, 2020. Because even my biggest fears didn’t come close to matching *this* (gestures broadly). Read more of my realizations on what 2020 has taught me so far on the blog now. It’s safe to say that we’re living through some very strange times, but I’m always looking for ways to learn from situations and believe everything gets put in our path for a reason. 2020 will turn out to be a year like no other for most of us. It got me thinking about and I wanted to share the 4 things 2020 has taught me so far. Enlightenment, finding the light in the darkness and spreading the light (learning and love) is essential to my being and purpose as an empath, healer and light worker. 2020 has brought with it an abundance of change and the disruption of the world in 2020 also seemed to mirror the disruption of my personal life too. Trump’s Presidency is a reminder that whiteness and Alpha Maleness is more important than humanity. Back in March, coronavirus put is into lockdown for a long 11 weeks and life hasn’t really been the same since. Sure, this is a global situation, but there is still so much to learn. This year started off with a bang for me. 4 Things 2020 has Taught me Slow Down. This has been a year of wincing and waiting for the next blow. These last five months, I have been making social, emotional and physical changes. I had all these trips planned and lots of ideas for content creating. 2020 Has Taught Me You Have To Be Intentional About Turning Toward Hope. They would rather invest TRILLIONS into the military system than make sure we have clean drinking water. I’ve learned that hope is best understood not as an emotion, but an orientation. I was an active single mom of 4 small children when I got diagnosed. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s to dream bigger. 2020 has impacted me in so many ways. For him to be free and live life without masks. What 2020 has taught me about adversity We can’t prevent life’s challenges, but we can keep growing through them by Jen Heemstra, special to C&EN Masking is akin to muzzling people, people who feel they have lost their voice, feel they aren’t being heard, and so they feel a need to raise their