Welcome to the home of Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously), a signature program of the Youth Fitness Coalition, Inc. Project ACES was created by physical education teacher Len Saunders in 1989 as a method of motivating children to exercise. This section focuses on examples of trauma, attachment and ACEs informed approaches to education and documents that make good practice recommendations. Students with three or more ACEs are 2.5 times more likely to fail a grade.5 Students with three or more ACEs are significantly more ACE score greater than or equal to six can shorten an individual’s lifespan by as much as 20 years. Buncombe County established an ACEs Learning Collaborative comprised of community members from many different sectors, including education, social work, medical, and healthcare. Education. Together, they committed to raising awareness about ACEs and addressing them in their community. ACEs in Education will provide your staff with professional development. Below are common education challenges that have some of their roots in childhood adversity. We offer 60 min or 90 minute presentations on the science of ACEs, the impact of trauma on student’s brain and behavior, and how teachers can create a trauma sensitive classroom. Project ACES. ACEs exposure is widespread in the US, one study from the National Survey of Children's Health reported that approximately 68% of children 0–17 years old had experienced one or more ACEs. Buncombe County’s experience addressing ACEs.