Beyond being a tasty addition to many dishes, green bell peppers are low in calories, fat free and have a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Depending on the end flavor you want, red bell peppers (with a couple hot peppers added if you prefer some heat) are roasted, broiled or grilled and then combined with oil and seasonings to create an emulsified, smooth paste that can be stored in the fridge for later use. Everybody who eats it says it’s the best eggplant parm they’ve ever had, and pepper paste is a key secret ingredients that helps make it amazing! Looking for ways to use lots of peppers from your summer garden? If you’re a Pinterest user, please pin this image to spread the word. They were traditionally picked young when they were white/light green and made into a sauce that was served over fish and other seafood, but they can also be used for other applications, including drying and turning into spicy pepper flakes. Thanks! Subject: What to do with lots of sweet peppers? Bell peppers are one of those vegetables that can be intimidating to cut if you’re not a pro! Depending on how much heat you can handle, pepper jelly can be made using habaneros, jalapenos, or ever sweet red peppers. If you have lots of bell or sweet peppers to use, you can clean and seed them, and then slice them into strips. My mom picking Sweet Pickle Peppers out at Oak Hill Cafe & Farm in Greenville, SC. A beautiful harvest basket of mixed peppers from our garden. Happy holidays from all of us at Gardening Know How. Give these beautiful stuffed peppers … No more constantly checking the internal temperature, smoke levels, amount of wood, etc. In a medium mixing bowl, combine ham, peppers, and onion. Aaron is a, Copyright 2020 GrowJourney, LLC | All Rights Reserved. Stir fry: Make a colorful entrée like pepper steak, or combine pepper strips with other garden … I always choose my favorite varieties like Big Bertha, Red Knight, Golden Summer and Orange Sun. What can you do when you get baskets full of peppers from your garden all at once? For reference, Mexicali Mexican Grill has the full instructions over on their website. Thank you! Even if these didn’t taste good, we’d grow them just because they put on such a visual show in the garden. Late winter, when I’m starting my plants, harvesting sweet peppers seems far away. Sure, you can smoke peppers on a standard smoker or even a grill. But you can do so many things will bell peppers! The end product makes a great appetizer when paired with cream cheese and spread on crackers. … You can always do your trial runs with a small batch of peppers to see if you like a certain recipe or storage method before you use a lot of them. Unfortunately, harvesting sweet peppers in a multitude of bright colors creates a huge problem for me. And peppers are the first veggie plants I start, so I hardly notice as the space under my grow lights becomes crowded with pepper seedlings. A great thing too, is that many ideas/recipes can be changed up depending on the peppers you have and how much heat your taste buds can handle! This delicious and flavorful addition to culinary creations can often be hard to find unless you have convenient access to speciality food markets, so making your own is a terrific way to use lots of peppers. Join the discussion today. I want my bell pepper harvest to include every color available, so I keep buying those teeny-tiny seed packets. After prepping and smoking, the peppers can be dried down to make chipotle seasoning, sliced into strips and stored in garlic infused oil, or used to make smoked stuffed peppers. These beauties will freeze up nicely for use throughout the cool months when peppers aren’t in season. As an Amazon Associate, GrowJourney earns from qualifying purchases. If you make a spicy batch, be careful when you open up your jars of pepper flakes because they can clear your sinuses! You’ve come to the right place! Picking sweet peppers from the garden is one of my favorite tasks. Any kind of pepper can be put into a pickling brine, and canned either whole or in slices to be used on a variety of dishes from hamburgers, to nachos, to quesadillas, giving you another way to use lots of peppers. 1. has a super simple one that uses a mix of habaneros and sweet red peppers. Did you enjoy this article or find it helpful? No need to despair, or secretly drop off bags of peppers on your neighbor’s doorsteps — these creative ways to use lots of peppers will help you turn those peppers into delicious concoctions that can be used until the next warm weather growing season rolls around! As for how to make smoked peppers, see #6 below! Bell peppers are a humble ingredient that we often think of as just part of a salad or fajitas. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. Not only does my bell pepper harvest look stunning in a bowl on my kitchen counter, the various colors of mature peppers add eye appeal to my meals. Join the discussion today. There are an abundance of recipes available for making your own pepper jelly; Taste of Home has a super simple one that uses a mix of habaneros and sweet red peppers. One other tip here: we also like to keep a jar of smoked green pepper flakes (anchos/poblanos are a favorite peppers for this) and a jar of smoked red pepper flakes throughout the year as a seasoning.